Living Campaign: Anna Ripley

By Kelsey Low on


This Living Campaign is a series of articles where every author has an impact on the world. Articles can focus on any part of the setting, from locations to NPCs or even events. Writers can add new elements to the world or they can build upon what already has been defined. This will be a system-agnostic series, meaning that it will provide flavor and content instead of stat blocks and monster entries.

The intent of this series is to provide inspiration for home games. It will draw on foundational elements from Lovecraftian fiction as well as the horror and urban fantasy genres. The ideas presented can be utilized individually, or as a whole. As the setting develops and evolves, special articles will feature story lines within the established world. But all of the content in this series is simply fodder for additional development.

The specific boundaries and details of this campaign setting are intentionally vague. This is done so that all contributors have absolute freedom to create whatever they wish. Authors can add in any geographic details they want, from coastlines to mountains. The city itself might contain a university, manufacturing plants, shipping docks, or any number of physical locations. The general location and time frame will be the United States in the 1920s. However, the nature of this genre lends itself to a certain flexibility. Anything can, and might, happen.

And with the introduction complete…welcome to New Coventry.

Anna Ripley – NPC

Anna is a pretty blonde blue-eyed girl from Boston who looks more like her profession of choice should have been an actress or a trophy wife. When asked about this, she replies that she had moved to Hollywood when she was 18 to pursue acting and even took classes. But due to her rather aggressive personality, she was deemed difficult to work with. Thanks to her training, she jumps between her normal Bostonian accent and the transatlantic accent that was the accent of choice for film stars of the time.

Looking for a new start after her failure in Hollywood, she moved to New Coventry. She started working at the¬†newspaper as a receptionist and quickly moved up in the ranks to become a reporter. Even though she is female, she is respected by her co-workers and takes great pride in her work. When she’s not in the office she can be found around town looking for the latest and greatest scoop, always hoping to find the biggest story that could lead her to stardom, having never completely given up her dreams of being famous.

Since she does have an aggressive personality and tends to be a bit blunt, she runs off the men who prefer women to be seen and not heard. This unfortunately has left her single with very few friends. Seeing as she has to provide for herself her living conditions aren’t the best. She lives in a small apartment complex that was designed as a home for those less fortunate. Although she doesn’t enjoy her living conditions she is thankful for what she has and hopes to eventually own a home somewhere.

Anna has big dreams. She may have had a few bumps in the road but with a lot of determination and pride she will make it to the top.

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