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New Coventry. A town located somewhere between over there and around about here. A town full of people, places and stories. Depending on who you talk to New Coventry was built on everything from fertile farming land to an ancient burial ground and was founded by pious pilgrims or lizard-headed demons. Whatever the case, New Coventry has had its share of good times and bad and it sure has a lot of stories to go around.

The Living Campaign series aims to bring those stories, good and bad, to the fore. Each article will explore a new place, or a new person, or some new event that’s taken place in New Coventry. It may be something good, something not so good or just something that the good folks of New Coventry just don’t like talking about.

The setting is rules agnostic, so feel free to pick and choose whatever you like, but the general feel is 1920’s small town; don’t expect too many dragons (maybe). If you’re running short on inspiration, every so often the Living Campaign will talk about how to use its various bits and pieces.

So with that, welcome to New Coventry stranger.

Blackvittle Meatworks

The Blackvittle Meatworks

The Blackvittle Meatworks is a massive vaulted brick building that towers above the New Coventry Warehouse District, just off the docks. Owned and operated by the wealthy Myron Blackvittle, it serves as the primary meat processing and distribution facility in the county.

The Meatworks is a place where the harvest of both the land and sea collide; lobster, tuna, and squid are processed in the same building as cattle, swine, and fowl. Something about this rather unconventional mixture of meats creates a lingering stench much worse than either the rotting brine or the rancid fat would alone. This reek–along with a series of rather perplexing industrial accidents–has given the Meatworks something of a dark reputation. Most citizens of New Coventry avoid the packing house, unless important business forces them there.

Blackvittle Meatworks Interior

The inside of the Meatworks is a surprisingly labyrinthine collection of rooms with a wide variety of functions. The main floor is reserved for animal storage and slaughter, but the upper floors hold a tangled nest of workspaces set up for butchery and rendering. All manner of rusty and worn cleavers, hooks, and saws line the walls of the dark processing stations. The basement is taken up by a massive refrigeration unit, which is filled with hanging carcasses and whatever meats are ready for distribution and sale. Despite a concerted effort by the management to reduce the amount of viscera coating the walls and floors, the Meatworks is not a place for the weak-of-stomach.

Though the Blackvittle Meatworks is supposed to only be operational during the day, sometimes the screams and squeals of slaughter are heard late into the night. No one would dare question the operations of such an important part of New Coventry’s industry, but it is occasionally observed that some of the meat that comes out of the packing house has a bit of an… unconventional taste.

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