Living Campaign: The Coventry Conversation

By Kelsey Low on


This Living Campaign is a series of articles where every author has an impact on the world. Articles can focus on any part of the setting, from locations to NPCs or even events. Writers can add new elements to the world or they can build upon what already has been defined. This will be a system-agnostic series, meaning that it will provide flavor and content instead of stat blocks and monster entries.

The intent of this series is to provide inspiration for home games. It will draw on foundational elements from Lovecraftian fiction as well as the horror and urban fantasy genres. The ideas presented can be utilized individually, or as a whole. As the setting develops and evolves, special articles will feature story lines within the established world. But all of the content in this series is simply fodder for additional development.

The specific boundaries and details of this campaign setting are intentionally vague. This is done so that all contributors have absolute freedom to create whatever they wish. Authors can add in any geographic details they want, from coastlines to mountains. The city itself might contain a university, manufacturing plants, shipping docks, or any number of physical locations. The general location and time frame will be the United States in the 1920s. However, the nature of this genre lends itself to a certain flexibility. Anything can, and might, happen.

And with the introduction complete…welcome to New Coventry.

Coventry Conversation-Location

The Conversation is the city’s primary newspaper. It’s located on Main Street, at the canter of downtown. The building itself fits the bill with an appearance with those of the time period. It has three floors, which is fairly large compared to the rest of the city. When you first walk through the massive double doors, you are greeted with a smiling receptionist who will take calls and give messages to the various members of the staff. Next to her desk is another, smaller, set of double doors that leads to where the stairs and a majority of the staff offices are located. Behind the staff desks is the break room and the door to the basement where the printing press is housed.

A quick adventure up the stairs and you’ll find yourself in a hallway with multiple doors on either side; the offices of the head staff such as editors and photographers are located here. The chief editor’s office is here as well. At the end of the hallway is a another set of stairs that would lead to the third and final floor of the Conversation. This floor is one giant storage room. Each wall is lined with filing cabinets. In the middle of the room are tables and chairs. At any given time you can see archives of older editions of the newspapers scattered about the surface.

The staff of the Conversation are a standard group of people. Most of the reporters and all of the editors are men. Sprinkled among them are some women. Most are receptionists, but a few of them have shown quite the talent for writing, photography and other positions associated with being a member of the press. The overall atmosphere of the place is usually very cheery and seems like it would be a nice place to work. That’s not to say there aren’t some corrupt members in the staff.




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