Mysterium Goes Digital in December

By Alex Cooze on


Mysterium, the hit murder mystery board game by Libellud, will be getting a digital makeover as it hits iOS, Android and Steam this coming December.

Winner of the Golden Geek and As d’Or 2016 Game of the Year awards, Mysterium has enchanted and mystified thousands of players worldwide. Aiming to stay faithful to the original game, Asmodee Digital is hoping to translate the unique play style of Mysterium while providing unique features to the digital version.


When the game first launches, players will have the ability to play through the story of the first original psychic. It has been released that the other five psychics will be available for play through later free updates. If you are still wanting more than traditional game play, players will be able to interact with “Hidden Signs”; which will work to enhance the game with new mysteries and new elements to discover. This update is slated to be available with the release of the main game, but as an in app purchase. The best part of this update is that it will allow for more play with just one player or with friends!

The benefit of having a digital version is the flexibility and convenience of finding players online to help solve the mystery.

For multiplayer options, Mysterium will allow players to join together from all over where an in-game chat system is in place to give players the chance to help each other out. One way is through being able to point out the visual clues on a card. Using “Clairvoyance Tokens”, psychics will be able to share visions and approve or deny the choices with the rest of the players. In multiplayer, Mysterium will be able to host up to seven players, who can work to discover the manor’s mysteries. For those wanting a single player option though; that will be available as well through “Story Mode”. In single player, the game will provide hours of fun in allowing players to investigate and discover who was murdered, where, and with what weapon.


Mysterium will be available in early December on iOS and Android for $6.99 and on Steam for $9.99.

Stay tuned in December for an in depth review of the Mysterium digital game and its comparison to its tabletop brother.  

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