Pounded in the Butt by my Article about Kickstarted in the Butt

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Well, this is a thing

What do butts, unicorns, and tingling have to do with one another? Probably nothing, they’re just a few awesome words I threw together.

Oh? You thought I was going to talk about the Kickstarter for the Chuck Tingle Digital Adventure game (title currently WIP)? If that’s what you truly want, we can do that, fine.

My first experience with Chuck Tingle was when on the Jimquisition, Laura K. Dale brought up that someone on Amazon had very appropriately stepped into her branding zone of “butts” and had decided to write a book named “Pounded in the Butt by my Butt.” Surely this physical impossibility, and dilemma would make for one downright atrocious book. It did, it was, and it was a beautiful trash fire that burns with the intensity of a thousand suns. Well, as in so far as the internet loved it. Soon after, Alex Cater came on Good Looks Bad Books (shameless plug), and reviewed a sequel to the book, “Pounded in the Butt by my Butt.”, apparently a third in a trilogy of books that was named, and get ready for this, “Pounded in The Butt By My Book “Pounded In The Butt By My Book’ Pounded In the Butt By My Own Butt’”

After this, Chuck Tingle started to frequently appear in more places, on one of the RoosterTeeth podcasts when they actually read a few lines of “Pokebutt Go: Pounded By ‘Em All” after the epidemic we now know as Pokemon Go. Even the Senior Editor of Drunks and Dragons here on GeeklyInc, the one and only Steph Kingston, came on to GLBB, read and reviewed that same book. At this point, I could have written my own book called, “Pounded in the Ear by Chuck Tingle’s ‘Pounded In the Butt’”. I was literally taking a pounding.

No, but seriously, about damn time he got an Oscar. Just had to be mauled by a bear.

He deserved it. Getting pounded in the butt that is…

Chuck Tingle’s genre spreads itself wide, from “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” to things such as “Angry Man Pounded By The Fear OF His Latent Gayness Over A Dinosaur Transitioning Into a Unicorn.” Before we continue, I’m going to head you off at the pass here. Yes, these books are ridiculously titled and the interior is just as bad in terms of content, but these are some of the more decent books. Despite dealing with these hilariously absurd topics, they only skim the line of pornographic while giving the reader a good romp through comedic gold garbage. It has been said, “you can’t polish a turd”. So, my rebuttal is, why are you touching a turd while instead you could simply just laugh at it?

Now that we have given Chuck Tingle a good rimming, what about this Kickstarter? Well, due to Chuck Tingle’s popularity, it would obviously garner some attention from other places. Where there is garbage, there are sure to be flies that follow. Also, before we continue any further, let me explain the garbage analogy. Do not misunderstand, I mean no offense, this is simply how this portion of the smut field operates. It also gives me an excuse to write the word analogy, bringing in more trash to this fire.

Back to the Kickstarter, Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest, Framed, Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk) had reached out to Dr. Tingle (yes apparently he has a PHD in Sensual Massage) in order to propose to him a game in a similar vein to his books. His response, “Yes, thank you, what is game?” After a few moments, Chuck then started to unload his ideas onto Twitter and eventually in Zoe’s DMs. Truly, Dr. Tingle is a thing of unbarred enthusiasm for his branding.

For no particular reason...

I think we all need a game about proving love right now. 

From Vice’s documentary on the subject, Zoe Quinn has taken this project and started to run with it. Since it is relation to Dr. Tingle’s work, the game first and foremost is described as a dating sim, with the goal of “proving love”, a very prominent goal in a majority of Dr. Tingle’s books. The dating sim genre as of late has been rather prominent, with games such as Hatoful Boyfriend, HuniePop and Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator. Yeah, don’t ask about that last one… At the antithesis of the popular genre is the type of animation that Quinn wants to implement. They want to use Full Motion Video, or a technique that uses pre-recorded video files instead of things likes sprites and 3D models. And by they want to, they already have begun. After looking into the process of development of the game, it’s noted that they started work on this process before the Kickstarter had even begun, doing something most Kickstarters don’t do, have previous work put into the project. Using Full Motion Video (FMV) is a very expensive process, and while seemingly “easier”, has a lot of nuance to it. However, they refer to FMV as a “long-abandoned” technique, when this is mostly untrue. Several games during the past few years have used FMV to great effect. Games like “Her Story” had a major impact on the players experience, using the video as a basis of suspicions, clues, and gave a more flexible game experience. Her Story had no official ending, the game was complete when you felt like it was complete, just like you felt that certain things or ways the actor said something felt like clues in the game. Another game that uses FMV to great effect is Contradiction: Spot the Liar. The game has been described as in the same vein as Clue, the board game, but with the skillful twist of story, using such a limiting animation technique. However, something like Full Motion Video can help improve, especially when you are trying to find the subtle hints in social interactions when trying to “spot the liar”. If used correctly, Quinn can use Full Motion Video to great effect, creating a unique style and top notch hilarity. In the end, the FMV technique fits in very well with Dr. Tingle’s book covers and that odd style of writing of his.

Please play this game.

Her Story used Full Motion Video to great effect. Her Story was brilliant in concept and in execution.

Speaking of writing, one of my concerns was if Dr. Tingle would be writing this story himself. From what the Kickstarter has revealed, while he may not be directly writing the story, he is providing both content and ideas constantly to the project, giving over notes to Quinn through DM’s. Even without Dr. Tingle as the writer, Quinn has proved in the past with her previous games, like “Depression Quest”. While the “tingler” project doesn’t deal with such serious topics, there is always a subtle tone to Dr.Tingle’s writing that promotes thinking beyond just what the writing is directly saying. After all, most works are simply parodies of current trends and topics, even if they are just simply being pounded in the butt.

There are a multitude of reasons why this project is, to use that bland word, interesting. A parody smut writer, a controversial games developer, and a medium that isn’t always serious. Quinn had said herself in response to “what is game?”, she responded, “it’s like art but worse but also good…” That seems to be prevalent throughout this entire campaign, in this entire genre. It’s like art, but trash, but also good. The goal, another combination of references, $69,420, is still explained in more detail lower in the kickstarter, that the goal is $70,000, but could survive if it’s only a few hundred away. The pledge levels themselves, are more references like $69, $169, $269, $420 and so on. I was at first very concerned about this, thinking maybe they would not take the campaign seriously in the long run. However, seeing the progress so far, seeing the previous work, I don’t doubt that the follow through on the project. Even after the project is complete, it will be available for free as well, so I don’t think many will skeptical if it was made simply for profit. I think now, more than ever, we all need a True Buckaroo to kiss, and maybe prove that love is real. A good laugh and smile is what we need, and I think this will be able to provide the good pounding that we need. I look forward to playing this game, as insane as it is, with GLBB, with my friends, and cackling about how absurd it is.

After seeing the engorgement of support in the last few days of the campaign, it’s not surprising that even more people than ever want to see some Buckaroo’s kiss and makeup. Just about 4 days before the campaign ended, I had checked on it to see that they were still a few thousand behind, which can be a warning sign for a failing campaign. After checking on it again after it has ended, the backers have certainly rear-ended this one, smashing it past to $85,448. The rush near the end of Kickstarter’s is always surprising, but after what’s been going on as of late, this might be a good glamour shot for us in the future. Innuendos aside, I look forward to this early next year in 2017. I also look forward to covering it again once it’s out, because good lord do those characters look like they need to be covered.

Miss you Harambe - Dammit Will

We all had a gorilla touch our hearts this year, we can at least pound it back.

If you want to keep track of the project, I would say follow Zoe Quinn on Twitter at @UnburntWitch, and you can find even more from her at unburntwitch.com. I would also, if you have the time, go play Depression Quest, because it’s free on Steam and it’s a decent read. As for the big doctor himself, you can find him on Twitter at @ChuckTingle, and just take a look through Amazon’s book section, you’ll ram into him at some point I’m sure.

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