Geekly Game Review Star Wars: Destiny

By Kieren Medley on


Star Wars: Destiny is a new collectible card and dice game that is being released by Fantasy Flight Games on December 1st. In this game players will be going head to head against their opponent trying to deal damage to the enemy characters by rolling custom dice and using their abilities, as well as timing; resulting in really interesting card play. Already with several card decks out, Destiny allows for players to mix and match heroes and villains from all of the Star Wars universe and movies, giving players the option to pit Luke against Dooku, Fett against BB-8, or Greedo against Han; allowing players to answer the question “who shot first”.

Game setup is  fairly simple and straightforward; players build decks of 30 cards around either hero or villain characters. Each player is able to spend up to 30 points in order to add characters to their deck. Your characters (like Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren) start out in the play area and will have unique dice associated with them. These dice give them abilities like dealing damage, gaining shields, growing their pool of resources, and making your opponent lose cards or resources. Each player is able to attach cards to their characters, some of which will come with a die that will give the character an even greater range of abilities. However, these and other cards will often have a resource cost that need to be spent in order to play them.

The ease of game setup is carried through into the rules and player turns. Players take a single action on their turn and then pass play to their opponent. During each player’s turn, there are a few actions they can take. Some examples of these actions are playing a card from your hand, activating a character (when you do this you will roll all dice associated with that character including any dice from cards that are attached to that character), resolving dice that have been rolled, and discarding a card from your hand in order to re-roll any of your dice. This will continue until both players pass, signifying the end of round. At this time each player will ready all of their cards, gain two resources, and draw back up to a hand of five cards. In order to win the game the player needs to knockout all their opponents’ characters or at the end of a round they have need to have no cards in either their deck or hand.

Collectible games of any kind have never been something I was interested in. I can say though that I find this game very fun. The game play is quick, simple and satisfying. The dice are a real random factor in the game but any card can be discarded to re roll your dice and many cards will allow you to mitigate the die roll in some way. While I would personally prefer a fantasy setting,  I find that the Star Wars theme really comes through as you read the abilities on the different cards and characters. Make no bones about it this is a light game but one that anyone who likes the Star Wars universe could get into as long as they are able to get over the collectible nature of the game.

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