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Stranger Things Season 2 came out on Netflix last Friday and tons of people have binge watched the heck out of it. Bijaya and I were among them and this is what we thought of it. Fair warning, ahead there be SPOILERS.

Bijaya: What was your overall feeling about the new season?

Alan: Overall I think its production value is much better. I think the scenes with Winona Ryder are much better. Hopper’s scenes were still good, but felt forced on the audience. And otherwise I think it’s a fantastic continuation. You?

Yeah, the production value was def better – when you have a cash cow, you gotta give it the best fodder. Some of the scenes seemed a bit dragged out. Half of the season seemed kind of slow – they could’ve def sped some stuff up. Especially some of the El stuff.

Yeah? I really liked the El stuff. But I’ve heard that from other people too.

I liked it, but I feel like they stretched it out. Could’ve been condensed. But who knows… if they had condensed it, maybe I would be complaining about it being too short. Haha

I can understand that. I wish they’d filled in more information with her and the new character we met. They dropped a lot of hints to other things that could happen in season 3, but it took them a while to get there. Thinking back, there were definitely some unnecessary scenes. It’s kind of like how at one point very early in the show they mention PTSD. And then for a while that’s all they could talk about. Like, we get it. Awareness and a certain someone has it. We get it.

Yeah, I mean, when she was with her “sister”, I think we could’ve gotten more information about their lives before or other information about her “sister, but we didn’t. And I think those scenes could’ve been used better as exposition. But maybe she will be back in season 3.

I also don’t really like the “love story” between Mike and El. I think it’s because they’re kids.

I think it’s cute. As a kid, I always wanted those kinds of scenes in my tween and teen shows. Probably because there were so many that never resulted in anything or were too sappy. I think they at least played this one truthfully. Overreactions and all those young hormones. As an adult, though, I’m like, “That’s cute.” But they really pushed it hard at the end with all the characters and I thought it was a little campy.

Yeah, I like those scenes too, but it seemed more serious to me.


Maybe I’m just a grumpy old lady.

Haha, I didn’t take it seriously, but I saw the kids did. Maybe that’s the condescending adult in me. While you were watching or getting ready to watch the show, did you hear opinions about it? And did you agree or disagree with any of them?

I did not. I saw some tweets/fb posts, but they were pretty cryptic, so it didn’t influence me. How about you?

I heard some say what you said, that it was a couple slow parts. Some people said they relied on shock value too much this season, which I don’t get at all. And a couple others said it didn’t follow the story at all, which really doesn’t make sense to me. This felt like a solid continuation. What do you think of those rumors?

I obvi agree with the slowness, but I don’t agree with the other two. The show is clearly moving towards a more darker/sinister/monstrous plot line so obviously there is going to be more gore than last year.

So much more!

And after 1 season, I don’t really see how they can say it doesn’t follow the story line?

Right? It’s a direct continuation.

The story line is that the upside down wasn’t defeated and there’s more to come and it followed that?? Oh man. How about the kids’ acting? Will was great. The Spy episode was so good.

Right??? I think the kid acting all around was really fantastic. Last season I wasn’t as big a fan, but they must have gotten some good training or something.

One thing I didn’t like was 100% predictable. Samwise Gamgee getting got. As soon as he got to the foyer, I was like, “Yeah, he’s dead.”

I was thinking he was gonna get got from way earlier. Him saying he’s a super hero. Him risking himself and saying, “If I don’t make it…” When he got to the foyer and closed the door, I thought, “He made it! I got tricked!” But then he just stood there for a stupid long time and Joyce stood apart from him for a stupid long time. That slow mo. I just went, “Nope. This is taking too long. He dead.” I mean, I figured he’d go way back when Hopper did the whole, “You remember when we were kids and got caught smoking cigarettes?” Apparently they have to be together and anyone that gets between them is gonna die.

Hahahaha. Yea, I kinda had a feeling that he would get through and then die in front of Winona.

Yup. She’s always the cursed character. I wonder if it’s in her contract. “Something fucked up has to always be happening to my characters.”

Let’s talk about them monsters.

Deal! The first one we saw was the big dude. What’d you think of Shadowman?


OH MY GOSH, BIJAYA! YOU CAN’T JUST ASK WHERE PEOPLE’S BUTTS ARE! But for reals, tho. If he’s a smoke monster and it rains, is that how he pees?

Hahahahaha. His head(?) seemed very beak-like. Also, is this the Smoke Monster from Lost?

Reminded me of Alien.


Yeah. It got a new acting gig. It’s moving up in the world! It looked like a weird combination of Alien and Slenderman fan art. But let me ask you this, Bijaya. And it’s very important for our readers. Would you take in a demodoggo?

Hell no. It had none of the cute things about a doggo. And it had a terrifying mouth! Too many teeth. No waggy tail.

It liked nougat! They can be trained!

YOU CAN’T GIVE CHOCOLATE TO A DOGGO! I did think it was sweet that the terrible doggo let them go.


I will punch you.

The one terrible doggo. Hahaha. The rest of the doggos probably would have eaten them in a second.

Dustin – like maybe don’t take strange lizard/worm things and raise it? You cost your mom her meow cat.

True that. Worst death in the show.

RIP kitty cat. Wanna talk about season 3? Because smoke monster isn’t done yet.

One sec. What do you think of El’s sister? Her powers and how there might be more of them?


Aaaaahhh! What if the smoke monster is one of the sisters?

I liked that there may be more of them and they could make an army of sorts to take the smoke monster down.


But again, I think they lost the opportunity to dive into that girl’s story. But maybe they still will. They kind of talked about it, but not enough, imo.

Yeah, I’m hoping for season 3 to get more into it. I mean, they hinted at Papa being alive.



Will kept saying “he” was mad. Why would he say “he” and not “it”?

That could be chauvinism from the 80s. Everything’s a he.

Wait, I’ve got a question.


So in season 1 Will communicated through the lights. Right?

Si, and the phone.

And then this mom does too, but she’s in this world and not the upside down. How they doing that?

I think her consciousness may be in the upside down?

Just from electro shock therapy? Or do you think they’re minor psychics? Like undeveloped at the lab like El and her sister(s) were?

Maybe? Who knows what else they did to her.


Do you think Steve and Hopper make the best Dad power couple of 2017?

Hahaha yes! They make so many mistakes, but they try so hard. It’s all out of love. I love that Dustin’s mom just lets him get a ride from a teenager to a middle school dance.

He’s his new dad! What do you think will happen in season 3? They say they’re gonna keep up with the kids’ ages, so they’ll be proper teenagers next round.

I have no clue – I mean, they have to kill the monster at some point? I hope that happens next season. I don’t want them to draw that story line out.

Yeah, same. Something new can take its place, like the government or something, but no more giant smoke monsters after next season. What do you want to see happen in season 3?

I def want this shadow monster thing to go away, to resolve. More character development – especially the “sister”. And maybe a new villain? How about you?

If Papa is still alive, they could kill two characters with one El in the next season. I’m excited for dumb teen drama that I hope is over the top. Hopper and Joyce need to seal the deal. And I think it’d be hilarious if Nancy turns out to be a flake and switcher boyfriends again yelling, “I AM MY OWN WOMAN! NOTHING CAN CONTAIN ME!” And I’m mildly excited for Dustin to get popular for some weird reason, but still be the mechanical genius out of his buds. Oh man. I want Dustin to become Iron Man. And I kind of want a redemption for taht older brother dude that was a jerk. Maybe have him protect his sister from their deadbeat dad. Or something.

Hahaha, you know I’m all in for teen drama. I mean, I love Harry Potter and Riverdale.

Same. Speaking of which, you’ve got a new podcast coming out for Riverdale, don’t you? And we all know about Yer a Wizard, Harry!, the read along Harry Potter podcast that’s right in the middle of The Goblet of Fire as of this article.

Yeah! We have 3 episodes of Riverdale Vixens out so far!

Awesome! I’m gonna download them all now! And you all should too! Heckin’!

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  1. If you haven’t yet you should watch ‘Beyond Stranger Things’, Jim Rash interviewing the creators and cast, it’s pretty good.
    Apparently in the original script Bob was going to die much earlier, in fact when he was in the car with Will telling him how to make nightmares go away, Will was going to straight up kill him!

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