The Hosts – Westworld Season 2 Episode 10: The Passenger

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Well, there we go. We done did it again. Another season of Westworld in the bag and we are left with more questions than answers. I personally was pretty satisfied getting most of the looming mysteries from season 2 wrapped up, but then they piled on a whole bunch of new stuff to ponder in the 2 years we’ll have before season 3. 

This is a big complicated show and I’m very excited for the future. While this is the last episode of The Hosts for a bit, we have a new show coming and its very fun. We’ve already recorded three episodes and they’ll start going up next week. It’s not a recap show and won’t require any homework on your part to enjoy. Check out the end of this weeks episode to learn about it!

Thank you everyone for sticking with us!

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  1. Spoilers:
    Did you guys not get the Stubbs / Teddy connection?

    At some point??? Stubs was remade with Teddy’s conciense. I’m assuming by Deloris? Why Tessa Thompson didn’t seem to know idk.

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