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The Pull List, 3-22-2018

Greetings, Geeklies! Seven days have come and gone, and that means it is New Comic Book Day yet again (sorry this one is a little late —ed)! My pull list was smaller than usual this week, so there were fewer titles for me to choose from to feature in The Pull List this week. However, there are a lot of good comics out there nowadays, and I like to think that I have good taste. So, I present to you my top comics for this week!

Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye #1

Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye #1, Cover by Michael Avon Oeming

Cover by Michael Avon Oeming

Fresh off of his service in the Milk Wars, Cave Carson is trying to get back to his normal life of spelunking and digging. Well, as normal as life gets for a podcasting family-man with a cybernetic eye. However, returning to pedestrian life after a year of touring the multiverse isn’t easy for Carson. The fortuitous (and spontaneous) appearance of a black hole provides Cave, and his daughter Chloe, the opportunity to forestall his transition to civilian life in favor of an all new adventure; spelunking right into the black hole! Since its launch last year, Young Animal has kept me enraptured with their quirky lineup of titles, which I have described to friends as “Saturday morning cartoons on acid”. And I mean that in the best way possible. Seeing a new Young Animal title on my list any given week is a small thrill, giving me something extra to look forward to on my weekly expedition to the comic shop. Current and new readers alike will want to be sure to pick up this retitled series this week!



Quantum and Woody #4

Quantum and Woody #4, Cover Julian Totino Tedesco

Cover Julian Totino Tedesco

The worst family reunion with the worlds’ worst superhero team continues in Quantum and Woody #4! For readers unfamiliar with this series, Quantum and Woody are adoptive brothers. After years of estrangement, they are brought back together by the mysterious death of their father. During their investigation into their fathers’ death, they accidentally set off a machine that explodes with energy that imbues the brothers with some pretty sweet superpowers. There’s a catch to their powers: they must klang their metal wristbands together every 24 hours or dissolve into atoms! This new series picks up where the previous series left off. The two brothers, having solved the mystery of their fathers’ death and brought his killers to justice, find themselves estranged yet again, though they need to remain in close contact so as not to spontaneously dissolve into nothing. Woody, a little miffed that Eric (Quantum) has known the identity of his real father all these years, drags his brother to Australia to track down his birth-father: Rutherford Van Chelton. If you enjoy your buddy-comedy-family-drama with a side of superhero, I highly recommend jumping in on this humorous, and occasionally poignant, series!


Monstress #15

Monstress #15, Cover by Sana Takeda

Cover by Sana Takeda

The previous issue of Monstress left me on the edge of my seat! Maika Halfwolf had just unleashed the dark entity dwelling within her, and now it threatens to overtake her entirely. Meanwhile, the young fox Kippa sets out on her own dangerous journey. I can’t recommend this series enough. Marjorie Liu’s grim fantasy setting is positively spellbinding. She has built a unique world that truly feels alive, with the ‘lessons’ given by Professor Tam-Tam at the end of each issue expounding upon significant events in the worlds’ history. With Sana Takeda lending her significant talents, creating lush and enchanting illustrations, each issue of Monstress feels like a work of art. Having just recently begun a new story arc, this is an ideal time for new readers to pick this title up. Fans of fantasy, manga, anthropomorphic animals, and matriarchy won’t want to miss this gripping tale about trauma and feminine rage.



That’s it for The Pull List this week! Be sure to check out these excellent offerings, in addition to many others at your local shop. Check back next week for more comic recommendations, and remember to support your friendly neighborhood comic store!

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