Weekly TV Recap : Week of April 10

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Another short week. Shows seem to be really stretching out this spring season.

Blindspot – Mans Telepathic Loyal LookoutsBlindspot
I’m not sure how I feel about Patterson chatting with the crazy imagined version of her dead boyfriend who led her all over the city on a ridiculous scavenger hunt. I think I liked it. Patterson is easily my favorite character. A focus of the story on her and her potential slide into insanity would’ve been very interesting to see more of. Mostly, I just miss David’s character. He was the only one capable of doing what the entire FBI can’t seem to accomplish no-matter how hard they try. What I did enjoy is the shift of the story to characters other than Jane. This might be the first episode in this season that wasn’t simply about her or a case. The layers of betrayal and depth of story really needed to be here earlier in the season. Overall, this episode wasn’t just an action-focused adventure and that made it engaging. The ending was satisfying because it resolved a story arc. Blindspot is all about not resolving anything, so bringing a soft conclusion into the show demonstrated that the writers know how to not simply leave plot threads dangling. I very much appreciate this. Ultimately, this episode was typical in that it didn’t resolve anything or move the primary plot forward. But it did that in a very different way than normal. It also reminded viewers that the point of Jane and her tattoos seems to be revealing not only government conspiracy, but crimes that have been covered up or gone unsolved. The grand purpose is still unclear, and it will almost certainly be far more complicated, but for now it seems to be about making things right. But has anyone else noticed how Jane always ends up shooting whoever is at fault? Maybe she just set herself up to be an executioner.

gjkfslfddggdiZombie – Dead Beat and Salvation Army

This was exactly the right way to end this season. I did not expect anything that happened and I loved every second of both episodes. I’m very impressed with iZombe right now. This season was slow at times, but did a great job building an exciting story and developing the characters further. This episode had all the best elements of iZombie. It was exciting, dramatic, and funny. It featured some of the best jokes of the entire series. And I was really surprised about how many dramatic deaths the show dished out. I will avoid spoilers, but they were quite intense. i’m a little surprised by who got killed. I wonder if the writers were using this finale to clear the slate of B plots so that season 3 can focus on the main characters and the new developments that they are facing. I’m really going to miss some of the characters that are now dead. I don’t want to spoil anything, but they had a huge impact on the show. But they had also been around for an entire season and their story arcs were getting a little stagnant. I’m going to miss some of the interactions that these characters provided. However, by this point, the writers have earned my trust that the next season will not be a lower quality for this loss. Blaine was a bit confusing this episode. I like the new version of Blaine. But I don’t know where this version of run around shooting people Blaine came from. I don’t dislike it at all. I still don’t like Boss. He’s been underused since the beginning, but he’s always been a factor in the story. The character feels like he should’ve been far more important. Obviously, Blaine was a bigger part of the story when it comes to the drugs that mixed with the energy drink that created zombies (that’s still weird to say) but Boss seems like he should’ve been more involved. He was established early on as a criminal mastermind that owned most of the city, but his appearances were usually a punchline or a “shocking twist” type thing. I have a feeling that he will continue to have less importance to the story as season 3 develops. As a finale, these episodes made me excited for the next season. They wrapped up a few plot points but keep the story  moving forward. This was a terrific end to an above average second season of iZombie.

Lucifer – St. LuciferLucifer103B_0024_hires1-590x900
Hey, that coin finally got explained. And singing Lucifer, which is the only Lucifer that I care about, showed up. The rest of the story was dull and pointless. Until the ending. Which of course wasn’t explained and only repeated the facts from earlier episodes. So either the writers forgot what they had already done (which wouldn’t be surprising) or they decided repeating details was the only way to get the pitiful excuse for a story back on track. The fact that Decker somehow makes Lucifer mortal was always obvious. If this show could do anything beyond wallow in lame weekly criminals of the week and procedural drama, it would move forward with this story. Instead, it was forgotten for, what, nine or ten episodes? If the rest of the show was good enough to support the lack of this mystery, it would be fine. But everything else is boring. Nothing that has happened makes me care about Decker’s ex, the other cop dude, or angels boning. However. Lucifer is not the worst show on television. It’s just not great. I never expected it to be anything more than this. The problem is that Lucifer is trying to be both a procedural cop show and a supernatural genre show. It’s rubbish compared to other supernatural genre shows, but it’s not bad compared to other procedural cop shows. And for as much as I dislike it, I still want to know what happens. So maybe it’s not really that bad.

gotham-into-the-woodsGotham – Into the Woods
If nothing else, this episode reminded me why I love Bullock and only Bullock in all of Gotham. Everything else was pretty bad. Opening the episode with Bruce and Selena making an impossible jump and then jamming exposition down the viewer’s throats was just stupid. Plus, no-one wants to see Selena’s stupid goggles over her stupid hat. That stitching on the jacket was an obvious nod to the Batman Returns Catwoman. This was one of the few good easter eggs in the show. The kids are the worst part of the show. Well. Maybe slightly better not than the atrocious CG. Gordon easily breaking into IA after saying how hard it was and then getting an actual reel to reel tape recording was even worse. The technology in Gotham has no logical existence. Look at Nygma’s apartment. He’s got old-fashioned neon and recording equipment, but fancy modern stainless steel kitchen equipment. And speaking of Nygma, why did Gordon say that he worked on audio files? That’s never been an element of the show. The development with Penguin might be the most cruel thing the show has ever done. Why did they feel the need to justify the resurgence of his criminal insanity with insultingly horrible treatment from horrible people? This creates an excuse for his actions, which weakens the character that’s been building this entire time. Penguin as a criminal who’s fought his way through the ranks was interesting. Penguin as a criminal who threw a temper tantrum and went cannibalistically crazy is a cartoon. Also, he randomly killed a dog. Bad form. Also, how does an open glass bottle of booze stay in a drawer and somehow not spill? The return to the Wayne murder feels like a desperate effort of the writers to say “see, we still know what this show is about!” It’s too little too late. I was wondering if the whole “Thomas Wayne had a secret lair with a secret computer” thing would come back. And Alfred said Fox fixed if a few days ago. Didn’t that happen at the start of this season? See, I can’t remember because Gotham ignores characters and plot arcs until it needs them instead of actually telling a story and resolving anything. I wonder how long it will be until the show reveals that Thomas was a costumed crime fighter. And yet again, this episodes demonstrates that no consequence or situation in Gotham lasts for more than a single episode.

Legends of Tomorrow – The Magnificent EightLegends-of-Tomorrow-The-Magnificent-Eight
I don’t know where to start first. The cowboy cosplay? How fun it was to watch the team geeking out in the Wild West and just having fun? How good Sara looks in a hat and duster? That bar fight? The random exposition that not only explained Rip’s constant failure but made Rory an important part of the plot again? Or how a show on the CW trumped the major motion picture depiction of Jonah Hex? This might  be one of the best episodes of Legends in this season. It’s got the right balance of humor and action. It’s not plagued with the often problematic plot. It uses, enjoys, and highlights  every bit of the time travel and Wild West tropes with no hesitation, straight down to the “inspiring the young version of a famous dude” bit. The only part of this episode that I did not enjoy was the two Kendras. It was pure exposition and it wasn’t handled very well. Maybe this is just me, though. I’ve said before that I don’t really enjoy the Hawks and Savage connection, and that I don’t like Kendra being the focus of this season. Not that it’s a bad concept or that she’s a bad actress or character. It’s just not being handled well compared to other parts of the show. So with that in mind, yeah, I didn’t like this part. But for someone who is engaged in this aspect of the story, it was actually pretty good. What surprised me most is how brutal that last big fight was. I’m surprised that the team slaughtered the bad guys, who in all honesty weren’t really bad guys, so willingly. As to the Pilgrim element, it’s totally predictable. There always has to be another bigger and badder opponent for the heroes to deal with. I’d be happy with a lot more of this type of quality from Legends.

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