Episode 11 - The Eleventh Hour

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 11

Title: The Eleventh Hour

Air Date: 11/07/2013

Length: 01:14

Swear Jar Count: 38. Josh had a 35% chance of death on critical failures.

Next Episode: Episode 12 - Empire State of Mind

Previous Episode: Episode 10 - Crazy Train

From the Website

The gang's train ride turns violent, surprising no one.

Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu & Friends...

The investigators discover the nightguants are still attacking the train. Upon putting a latern in the bronze box, they were able to deduce that there must still be lanterns on the train beucase the nightguants did not stop attacking. On a search, they find a lantern buried in a bottom crate. The younger brother of the proprietor of the circus comes in. He sees the body on the table and freaks out by shooting at Jack. They group shoots him in the shoulder. Before he faints, they find out that he knows of the lanters. Shortly after, a giant man walks in with two lanters tied to the end of a rope. The nightgaunts fly into the room and attack. They manage to recover the lanterns and place them safely inside the bronze box. After which, the remaining nightguats stop attacking and leave. After the younger brother recovers, he wakes up and sets the train down on a mountain. Departing the train they realize it is no longer summer, but fall. They are over the edge of the mountain overlooking what they guess is New York City, but they don't know when. They rest to recover from their injuries.

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