Episode 20 - Drunkisode 3

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 20

Title: Drunkisode 3

Air Date: 02/06/2014

Length: 00:53

Swear Jar Count: No count. Mike gets the 10% penalty for the "Imma Die" die.

Next Episode: Episode 21 - From Strange to Worse to Even Stranger

Previous Episode: Episode 19 - Dances with Shoggoths

From the Website

It’s our twenty-versary! Well, here’s another one where everyone gets loaded. It’s Drunkisode 3: The Final Conflict! The gang finds themselves back in Boston, struggling to determine who they can trust. Music by Disparition

Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and Friends...

Our investigators are questioning Akmahl the demonologist. Akmahl is unable to answer the group’s questions, so they head into a conference to discuss what to do next. Anya wants to assemble the artifacts; however Erik refuses to give her the key to the bronze box. Before she can argue any further Vaeda comes into the room. Vaeda pleads for the party to help Jack. After a display of force, Anya gives away the box. Erik levels with Vaeda and decides to hand over the key. A short while after Vaeda leaves a large explosion rocks the University. The party rushes towards the blast site.

While running out of the building, Anya is pulled into a room. Erik continues towards the blast, but Xander doubles back. Erik finds the artifacts assembled in the courtyard, and sees Vaeda ascending the light bridge with a body. Erik yells out and pleads for help from the Captain of the white ship. The Captain is able to retract the light bridge, and Vaeda falls back to the ground. In the sky there is a large fireball streaking towards the ground, and a blue orb of light coming from the horizon.

Anya goes into pre-term labor, and shockingly delivers two stillborn kittens with the assistance of a ghoul midwife. The ghoul is unable to resist feasting on the dead kittens. Anja shocked from the experience shoots the ghoul. Xander finds Anya, but is unable to comprehend what happened. And that is where we left our investigators.

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