1. Good afternoon Mr(s). Geekly,

    Is there any way to get an RSS feed of the main column of articles (currently at http://geeklyinc.com/)? I see the RSS links for the various podcasts, but I’d like to keep up with posts like “ANIME 101: A HISTORY OF ANIME PART 1” which sounds super neat! Thanks in any case for all you do.

  2. Just started listening to your podcast (Drunks and Dragons). Your group has made me excited to play again! Thanks for the laughs! I look forward to enjoying your other content!

  3. I started listening to Drunks and Dragons a couple months ago. I’m currently starting episode 66 (turned lvl 9, plotting paragon paths) and I’m still thrilled with the show. This has pushed me into talking friends into trying D&D. Before I go:
    1. I hope Blooddrinker never stops talking to Thom.
    2. As an avid RPG player, it infuriates me when the group stops in a town, and doesn’t go to a store/armorer.
    3. I was headed to work at 5:30am when Tum Dorkblade died, I was in disbelief.
    4. At the rate I’m listening to episodes, it will be the end of 2016 if you ever read this on the podcast.
    5. Thanks for a hilarious show.
    6. The sausage weiner discussion a couple episodes back picked up from a terrible day, and provided much needed laughs.

    Jeff in Gastonia, NC
    ..not NV

  4. Just have a quick request, can there be a page that has the specifically worded drink recipes from the shot glasses? Cuz if so that’d be cool. Thanks guys, almost caught up!

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