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Transformation Sequence #102 – Ping Pong The Animation (Part 1)

By Vincent on

We start a rather strange 2-part review of the coming-of-age table tennis anime Ping Pong! Smile is a teen with difficulties expressing and interpreting emotions. Since he was a child he admired his friend Peco, a natural at ping pong. Recently, however, Smile has been even more disconnected, as Peco lets his talent squander. After …

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Transformation Sequence #100 – Yuri!!! on Ice (Part 2)

By Vincent on

Holy Hanabi it’s episode one-freaking-hundred! We celebrate our centenary the only way we know how – oogling anime boys’ butts on ice. Yuri and Victor head towards the Skating Grand Prix as they compete in cups across the world. We meet a cascade of increasingly intriguing skaters, including Christophe “I think I came” Giacometti, Georgi …


Transformation Sequence #90 – Space Brothers (Part 1)

By Vincent on

Kym returns after her cancer sojourn to review the absolutely brilliant Space Brothers! Mutta Nanba decides to follow his little brother Hibito’s footsteps, applying for the Japanese astronaut programme. We follow the relatable every-man Mutta as he claws his way to NASA and space and learn that, deep down, everyone is a good boy. Go …