Cover art for Inks & Issues #85 - Bloom

The Iron Will of Genie Lo Review: I Am Iron College-Bound Senior

By Christina Ladd on

As the celestial enforcer for the realm of California, Genie already has her work cut out for her. She’s managing the yaoguai who invaded in the last book, she’s navigating her new relationship, she’s kicking ass in school and extracurriculars, and she’s getting ready to apply to college. She does not have time for interdimensional hijinks. …

Top 5 Books of 2019

By Silk Jazmyne on

Reviewer Silk Jazmyne gives us her top 5 of this year! Black From The Future: A Collection of Black Speculative Fiction (ed. Stephanie Andrea Allen and Lauren Cherelle) – This collection of short stories has literally everything. Vampires, space operas, djinn and much more with black characters on the page with the voice of the …