Transformation Sequence #172 – Hinamatsuri (Part 2)

By Vincent on

About Vincent

Vincent realised he was a lifelong nerd the moment he printed out his own Sailor Moon t-shirt at the age of 16 and wore it to school.

Now an adult (allegedly) he's one of the hosts of anime podcast Transformation Sequence where he applies psychoanalytics and epistemology to school girls stabbing monsters.

And yes, he now has an entire selection of Sailor Moon t-shirts.


Mid-level Yakuza Nitta continues to live his very strange life while being the caregiver of the psychic lay-about Hina. We follow Anzu as she learns to adapt to a normal life after having lived the homeless way, Hitomi as she accidentally begins the life of an overworked 24-year-old living in the city despite being 12, and Mao as she struggles with loneliness on a desert island.

You can also fight us on; Vince (@vincekenny), Kym (@kymcattys) and Ben (@benstonick). Edited by Josh Scalf (@jwscalf) of the podcast Sugoi Corp! Drop us an email address with You can listen to Transformation sequence on Stitcher, too!

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