Sailor Moon 11 “A Trip to the Beach! Past Lives and Heartache”

By Steph Kingston on

The Senshi are off to the beach this episode to investigate the first of three artifacts they need to recover for Princess Manami.  Ken makes a surprising discovery and Chiharu sees the ocean for the first time.  What a peaceful and relaxing summer day…for now. Your GM is Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston), and your players are …


Top 10 Anime Dogs

By Vincent on

DOGS. They’re alright, aren’t they? Of course, the Platonic Ideal of a dog is one without all the smells, the watery poops and the chewed-up trainers, and luckily the medium of anime is ready to provide us with a list of canine companions that come close to true perfection. So while the smiley shiba-inu Maru may have …