Wine, Women and Westeros – Off-Season 3

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You are in the barren wasteland of the Game of Thrones off-season. Your soul yearns for the sweet, cool sustenance of your weekly dose of fantasy, but you can find no relief. The Game of Thones-less weeks stretch before you like the Red Waste. But wait! What’s that you see in the distance? Why, it’s the three-headed Wine, Women & Westeros beast, ready to sweep you into its comforting bosom! Let Annie, Betsy and Jennifer fill the hole left in your heart with a heaping helping of Game of Thrones analysis, lady-style! They’ve got your Bechdel tests, your butt talk, and even a story from when Jennifer was on the high school cheerleading squad! Fill that wineglass to the brink and let’s get started!

This episode of Wine, Women and Westeros is sponsored by white wine with ice, a heat wave, and questionable graduate degrees!

The coHosts- Nick BristowMichael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DiMauroTim LanningJennifer Cheek: Special Guests: Betsy Cohen and Annie Bickerton.

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  1. I’m not sure how I feel about the comment to the effect that it is OK or expected that Theon was going to get raped because he’s a dick.

  2. Hmm, so I guess my previous comment didn’t make the cut – Too bad, I was looking forward to hearing the justification for calling attempted rape ‘expected’ because someone is a dick. Victim blaming is OK if it’s a guy?

  3. More like Wine and Women-bashing of Westeros… Come on ladies. There are a lot of positive female characters you can focus on. Let’s have a little less bitching and more celebration of the strengths represented. Female sexuality and endurance is so apparent, it doesnt have to be interpreted as HBO gratuitous nudity.
    As a fellow lady, I appreciate the call for more strong female characters. But let’s also acknowledge and support the good things that are there.
    Also, A++ to Conrad’s comment.

  4. That being said, good insights on the motivations that drive Dany and Cersei. And highlighting Missandei’s elevation in Dany’s presence, how her intelligence makes her powerful.
    I just don’t think female nudity and sexuality are as negative as you seem to feel it is. Tone down the Ros-hate and I’m totally in board.

  5. I just listened to the “Fat Pink Cast” podcast… well, let me rephrase – I just forced myself to listen to the “Fat Pink Cast” podcast. The 3 hosts are female and have very strong opinions on feminist and racial issues. They passionately critique the show on these points. It was very grating and unpleasant and IMO quite nit-picky. But after hearing one of the hosts cry (literally crying) on the show about how it feels to be a woman of color watching this show, I tried really hard to empathize with their viewpoints. It was a challenge I highly recommend as (at the very least) an exercise in tolerance and listening.
    Anyway, after listening to them, I felt I should retry the WW&W episodes and follow up my previous comments with a more respectful comment. I appreciate the analysis and critiques you guys shared. I hope you enjoyed this 4th season of the show as it seems to have had more female representation and slightly more equitable nudity 🙂

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