A Feast for Crows / A Dance with Dragons Book Club Episode 11

By Nick on

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Wow, so in the beginning of this episode I said, “putting this up on saturdays means it won’t be late anymore.” Well, things happen! But this is a good episode and I’m glad you’re tuning in anyway! We talk about all the hip things going down in Westeros such as: how to make ham, Asha’s sex life, and how Jaime has really redeemed himself. So come join this less thrifty episode of the podcast.

Chapters! (spoilers for character names) 
ADWD 26: The Windblown (Quentyn II)
ADWD 27: The Wayward Bride (Asha II)
AFFC 26: Brienne V
AFFC 27: Samwell III
AFFC 28: Jaime III

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