A Feast for Crows / A Dance with Dragons Book Club Episode 12

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Guess who decided to show up this week. Ole Pizza Hut DiMauro is back this week to discuss the latest happenings in the world of Westeros. Tyrion enjoys his new life as a pretend slave, Jon sends some people beyond the wall, Davos has the wool removed from his wife, and we are all reminded why Cersei is the worst.

Chapters! (spoilers for character names) 

ADWD 28: Tyrion VII

ADWD 29: Jon VI

ADWD 30: Davos IV

AFFC 29: Cersei VI

AFFC 30: The Reaver (Victarion II)

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  1. The letter J is a late addition to English, appearing at the end of the Medieval Period. It started life as a version of I (which is why Jesus is often written as “Iseu” prior to this). The argument is that if you are chiselling writing on to a stone slab straight lines are easier than curves, so you use I for J sounds and V for U sounds. G has always had a hard sound (grit) and a soft sound (genesis) — the soft G sound is the same as the French sound adopted for J. So Gaol was used and then because Jail to make matters clearer. On Continental Europe J is also used to represent Y, as in “fjord” or Jorvik (Viking name for the city of York).

    A “litter” is a wheelless carriage — the TV series uses a lot of them to move people around Kings Landing — as such G. R. R. Martin is having his character be inaccurate, but its not impossible that they might get it wrong.

    • GRRM might just get away with his apparent “litter” goof, Laurence. Wikipedia has informed me that the largest and heaviest litters were carried by draught animals.

  2. The theory about the dusky women being Euron is that Euron is a warg, as powerful as Bran (“I dreamed i could fly” etc etc). His cutting peoples tongues out on his ship so they don’t speak communicate this and he rejected joining Bloodraven, apparently.

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