A Feast for Crows / A Dance with Dragons Book Club Episode 13

By Nick on

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You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging just because it’s the holidays did ya? Of course not, here’s a steamin hot fresh episode from our critically acclaimed book club! We got some hot takes in this week, including a special look inside the head of Melisandre! What!? Yep, we get to hear all about the goings on at the wall, and some spooky premonitions. As always, thanks for listening you crazy cats.

Chapters! (spoilers for character names)

Daenerys V: ADWD 31

Melisandre I: ADWD 32

Jaime IV: AFFC 31

Brienne VI: AFFC 32

Reek III: ADWD 33


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  1. Barbary loved Brandon, he was originally suppose to marry her but Rikard wanted the Tully alliance. She hated Ned because he never brought back lord Dustin’s bones after he died at the tower of joy.

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