A Feast for Crows / A Dance with Dragons Book Club Episode 14

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This is a great set of chapters. We get a lot of action in these…if you know what I mean. Tyrion and Penny bond on the boat, Cersei has a super great meeting, and Sam finally gets married. We had a lot of fun recording this episode, and Tim and Jennifer called me the antichrist so you know its a good time!

Chapters! (spoilers for character names)

Tyrion VIII: ADWD 34

Cersei VII: AFFC 33

Jaime V: AFFC 34

Cat of the Canals (Arya III): AFFC 35

Samwell IV: AFFC 36


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  1. Hi guys, excellent the podcast. Litruh-ly 5 stars. Here’s some GOT mid-off season topic suggestions for the podcast from me, Jackie Jormp Jomp Jr:

    1. Take the cantina donkey over to Jakku for some sidebars on your SW:TFA opinions. E.g. Tim (who is known for excellent segues) can segue as such: Can you name the 7 cameo/crossover GOT actors in SW:TFA? (answer at bottom). A separate trivia: what does the RR in GRRM stand for? (hint: it’s not roy rogers).

    2. Predictions

    A) Stannis alive or dead? (This might be the beating of dead horse; but so be it.) I think he is alive, because Why would they purposefully cut away from such a significant character’s death? They have never done that before. Just for the sake of a cliffhanger? Because they thought it would be too shocking/graphic or heaven forbid GRATUITOUS? That makes me laugh. Ha ha. That never stopped them before. I saw a quote on the internet from the director of the episode which i will paraphrase: D&D specifically told me NOT to film the beheading of Stannis scene. Mic drop! Smoking gun! That totally proves it. Discuss.

    B) Jon snow will be resurrected, that is a given, BUT: how many episodes will it be in S6 before he KILLS OLLY for his betrayal? That would be really special, which I am looking forward to tremendously. I predict it will be in episode 1 and it will be the last scene before fade to black on Olly’s dying grimacing bloody face. I guess D&D might not do this, so as not to sully Jon Snows pious image, but this is my fantasy. I think they will chicken out and make a rock fall on Olly’s head or some BS like that (can we say direwolf ex machina?).

    3. Someone please get Michael diMaurio a sugar-free honey lemon throat lozenge! There is some poor croaking frog stuck in there! 🙂 Speaking of maggie the frog: Is cersei gonna die in season 6? I am concerned that it might happen. Seems like at least some significant death occurs every season. I hope not. Ever since she cut her hair I think she is prettier and does not deserve to die. Discuss.

    Thanks! I only just discovered Cast of Thrones this summer (2015) and had a great time listening to the entire catalog in reverse order. The best part was finally hearing the genesis origin of the donkey goof in season 1, ep 5 – 6, I believe. It was glorious. I have seen a critique of Cats of Thrones along the lines of y’all say too much “well, in the book….blah blah blah” but that is actually the best part of the podcast. I am not much of a book reader and am far too lazy to start now (I will save the books for the future when the show is long over and I am desperate for GOT content), the comparing and contrasting with the books is extremely enlightening. Please continue “in the booking” as much as you want! The episode where you were euphemizing “the papyrus version” etc. was hilarious. Oh, I just remembered there are no more books at the moment….uh so nevermind. At least no more spoiler worries!

    Also, thanks to you guys I have discovered, watched and thoroughly enjoyed Wet Hot American Summer and Parks and Rec. The cast of a Cast of Thrones is a treasure beyond words.

    PS. Trivia Answer (source: i forgot, the internet):

    brienne = capt. phasma
    max von sidow (3 eyed raven / treeman in GOT S6) = jedi dude who dies 2 seconds after the start of the movie
    jojen reed = first order: ‘unscheduled departure’
    grenn = a knights of ren (not visible/behind mask)
    syrio farel = somewhere in the cantina scene
    nymeria sand > xwing pilot
    marillion (tongueless troubador) > resistance fighter ‘a laser cannon’

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