A Feast for Crows / A Dance with Dragons Book Club Episode 7

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This week, we catch up with Brian and Pod to see how the small folk are doing, vomit continuously with Sam and Gilly, and see a fabulous sex show with Dany. Our chat quickly devolves into debauchery but its been several years at this point, and would you expect anything less?

Chapters! (spoilers for character names) 

AFFC 13: Brienne III

AFFC 14: Samwell II

ADWD 14: Daenerys III

ADWD 15: Jon IV

AFFC 16: Jaimie II

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  1. Okay, I have to preface this with the fact I’ve been listening to a lot of history of westeros lately and decided my appreciation of Stannis has probably been undermined through the years.

    So my main point is I see a lot of obvious comparisons between Stannis and Randy, but differences that you really conveniently forget in the face of overwhelming dislike.

    At first I hated them both, then slowly liked both of them (in the same way I think Kevan was probably the optimal regnant) and then decided The Mannis was a way more fun character and Randy was his no fun analogue.

    Like, I really doubt, Randy could have upset me so hard if he wasn’t such a force for good that happened to be both so blatantly and insidiously problematic at once. He is one of the few people we can rely upon in westeros but we cannot rely upon him to represent our values in the slightest, and one in every two good judgements he makes ends up hurting someone stepped on by the status quo, while all he does is maintain that status quo for the good of the people.

    If I could relegate him more easily he wouldn’t upset me. I imagine I wouldn’t like the series so much if it wasn’t for frustrations like Tarly. I mean, he’s too easy of a target to not be interesting.

  2. Jennifer, I don’t know if you’ve done the math on this. But Danny was probably conceived after Aerys burned someone alive. And the last person we know of that Aerys burned alive was Rickard Stark, Ned’s Dead Dad. And Dany was born during Robert’s Rebellion directly precipitated Ned’s Dad’s Death. Just one more in the chain of dominos tipped over by Rhaegar kidnapping Lyanna.

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