A Feast for Crows / A Dance with Dragons Book Club Episode 8

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I’m sad to report that this will be the final book club…for the next 10-12 weeks…until we return with the conclusion to this book club after the new season! This week, is it the end of Tyrion? Has Cersei made a poor choice for her council? What has Davos gotten himself into this time? Who’s this mysterious Victarion? And finally, the kings moot with Aeron!?

If we had to plan to end the book club on a set of chapters, these would be a pretty good choice. Enjoy!

Chapters! (spoilers for character names) 

ADWD 19: Tyrion V

AFFC 18: Cersei IV

ADWD 20: Davos III

AFFC 19: The Iron Captain (Victarion I)

AFFC 20: The Drowned Man (Aeron II)

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  1. the book is definitely coming out this year. otherwise he wouldn’t be canceling appearances and skipping writing for the show.

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