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A Valley without Wind by Arcen Games is what happens when you try to make a Super Nintendo game today. A super polished limitless 2D metroidVania adventure game.

Everything in A Valley Without Wind is procedurally generated. The game pulls from known assets to create vast continents to explore. Each continent is made up of variety of land types. Moving into them throws you into a 2D side scrolling world. In each world you’ll find enemies, items, new spells, caves, and dungeons to explore. 

There is an action bar at the bottom showing all your currently equipped spells similar to an MMO. You move and jump with the keyboard and aim with the mouse and use melee skills and ranged attacks to dispatch enemies. The game isn’t a typical action RPG. You don’t gain levels but you do find more powerful spells which act as your measure of progression. Getting the right spells and using them on the right enemies is key. Getting trapped by enemies without the right spell can mean instant death. I know this all too well after my brief time with the game.

Killing isn’t everything – there is a huge crafting and building system to entertain you. Each continent has a settlement which can be build it up with the materials you find in the world. While exploring you need to use your building skills to traverse the world, placing platforms and building other things to overcome obstacles.

The most exciting aspect of the game is the multiplayer. You will be able to explore and build these worlds with your friends – and everything is more fun with friends. The game comes out April 23 on Steam and I can’t wait to explore everything it has to offer.

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