Who do these lovely voices belong to you ask? Here you go (pictures are approximate):

Nick Bristow

Nick Bristow controls the feed, so we have to be nice to him. He is very handsome. Besides being a co-host on the Cast of Thrones, Nick also runs his own website called vgsandwich.com. None of us know what that means.

Book knowledge: Nick has read the first four books, he is waiting on book five to savor it.

Follow Nick on twitter at @rbristow.

Jennifer Cheek

Jennifer Cheek is our resident female, but sorry fellas, she’s taken. She is a recent graduate of Harvard (the actual Harvard, not like that middle school your cousin went to that is also called Harvard for some reason).

Book knowledge: Jennifer is a completionist.

Follow Jennifer on twitter at @JenniferCheek.


Michael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DiMauro

The elder statesman of the podcast, Michael is the father of two, and the husband of one. He also has two cats, a frog and every spring an infestation of ants. Michael also contributes to thriftynerd.com.

Book knowledge: At one time Michael was the only one in the group that had finished all the books, but Tim totally ruined it.

Follow Michael on twitter at @thriftynerd.

Tim Lanning

Tim Lanning is a renown Professor of Bus Driving at Harvard University. When he isn’t enlightening the greatest greatest minds of our generation (and helping them get their CDL) he is taking away anything special Michael might have had to offer the podcast.

Book knowledge: He is often thought of as “The Usurper”

Follow Tim on twitter at @timlanning.


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