Attempt to Survive the Game of Thrones: Episode Two: “The Lost Lords” Trailer

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Game of Thrones Tell Tale Episode 2

In an effort to make the wait for Episode 2 of TellTale’s wonderful adventure game adaptation of Game of Thrones that much more difficult, a brand new trailer has been released for your viewing pleasure. The majority of the video is old footage from the first episode, “Iron from Ice”, but the last bit gives us some all new footage and clues on the direction the story will take us in “The Lost Lords.” The release date is also…released so now we know how long we will have to wait. I will be refreshing my Steam client on February 3rd in anticipation.

Check out the trailer right here if you are 18 enough –

Most interestingly, we get to meet grumpy Asher, who was exiled for being a real grouch. It looks like he will be the excuse for the player to hang out with Dany and her beautiful adolescent dragons.


Did you watch it? Asher will remember that…


I am eagerly anticipating the next 5 installments just to see how crazy they will go with the Game of Thrones story. Of course you knew that if you watched our thoughts on “Iron from Ice” or listened to our special Cast of Thrones bonus episode. Are you hyped for Episode 2 “The Lost Lords” or did “Iron from Ice” leave a bad taste in your mouth? Let us know in the comments below! I avoided at least 4 ice based puns.

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