Bonus Episode 10: Finn Jones (aka Knight of Flowers) Interview

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We like to think that this is one of our finer episodes of Cast of Thrones since we have the wonderful Finn Jones gracing us with his presence. Ser Loras, the Knight of Flowers himself, took a break from his busy jousting schedule and gaming of thrones to chat with us about life on the set, Season Two and how he would defend himself from the eventual Zombie apocalypse.

Usually having a big star on the show would be good enough, but not this week! We are happy to announce the release of our very first T-Shirt for Cast of Thrones. It features our sigil, the Dire-Donkey, on either Stark Grey or Lannister Red. Go to to pre-order and show your Winterfella colors.

Since this is an ultra/double special episode we would really appreciate your help spreading the good news. The numerous reviews you have written have made us cry from joy, and the only way we can feel again is through more reviews. We are review junkies. And hey, you could win the audio version of A Dance with Dragons signed by George R.R. Martin!

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  1. I can’t wait until the next season starts! – Thanks for keeping us up to date, and thanks for talking about M83. Never heard of them, they’re just amazing!

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