Campaign 2: Episode 50 – Four Difficult Conversations

By David Stewart on


Secrets are flying fast and loose on this week’s episode! Will the crew share what info they have gleamed? Or will this secret shadow loom over their fate…

The adventure continues with Screech Echo (Mike Bachmann), Selene Von Esper (Jennifer Cheek), R’Oarc (Nika Howard), T’Chuck (Tim Lanning), and our Dungeon Master Michael DiMauro.  Don’t forget to follow our editor David Stewart!  

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  1. A little late to the party. But I’ve been listening from episode 1 for the past 3 months. Just hit episode 160. I’ve never personally played d&d as of yet, but I have been building a campaign for my friends as of late. So I’ve been reading up on the dm Manuel and rules. Thrifty, even though the character was, for lack of better words, bananas! I can’t help but feel an unfairness to the death of Bananas Foster. It’s my understanding that you have to fail or succeed 3 death saving throws to die or become conscious. Either way, I’m not the dm, so what do I know? Love the podcast. You are 1 of 2 groups I listen to for endless laughs through my commute times at work. Keep it up, I’ll eventually get caught up! Mike Bachman(spelling?), bananas was my favorite rp character. Even though his time on the planet was 5 centuries, his time in the podcast was cut far too short. The death of Bananas Foster, is comparable to the loss of Tum Darkblade. As Jay-la said. Rest in pieces Bananas Foster. You’re hilarious antics will be greatly missed. Can’t wait to see your next character!

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