Capcom Announces Duck Tales Remastered

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During Capcom’s first ever pax east panel, they announced they are remastering the original Duck Tales game.

The game is not just a face lift, the entire game is redone with 3D environments with 2D hand-drawn characters on top. Around 70% of the game is directly from the original game with a new tutorial level, as well as new cutscenes to help flesh out the story. Most importantly thought, is the ability to have scrooge swim in his money pit. While it is of my opinion, that diving into a pile of gold would probably kill you. This is still a welcomed feature.

If you aren’t aware of the Duck Tales cartoon or the original game, it is a 2D platformer from the NES era starring a family of ducks that go on adventures. It is widely considered to be a classic of the genre. This remastering appears to be faithful to the original. Check out the screen shots below to get an idea of what to expect when it releases on digital downloads everywhere for $14.99 this summer.

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