Cast of Thrones Book Club 7: Eddard XI – Eddard XIV

By Michael DiMauro on

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In this installment of the Game of Thrones Book Club , we take a good long look at Eddard as he blunders through 4 chapters. We also take a trip across the Narrow Sea and witness Dany eating her first horse heart, then we head up to the wall because Jon is being emo. In addition, we discuss whether or not being female is truly a birth defect and if they had contraceptive measures in the Dark Ages.

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The coHosts- Nick BristowMichael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DimauroMike DaoTim LanningJennifer Cheek

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  1. As usual, your commentary on this Eddard heavy section was superb. While I agree with you that “Special Ned” isn’t the world’s smartest protagonist, I think that his eventual death (“huge spoilarz”) is that much more tragic because he seems to be Westeros’ biggest optimist when it comes to the honor/goodness of his fellow lords and ladies. There really is no other character like that. And while there certainly are other characters of high moral fortitude, many of those people are more grounded in realism instead of idealism. Ned’s loss is not only a loss for honor then, but also a loss for hope.

    Interestingly, Tyrion seems the most likely candidate to be inspirational, but he certainly has a more limited scope than Ned did. Because he’s short. What?

    • Great comment White Morpheus. We all Morn Ned the Eternal Optimist and all round “honourable’ good guy.

      Tyrion is short, but he casts a Giant shadow – foreshadowing wink wink.

      Another great Podcast crew! I have been playing catch up with the last few, and listening to them over the last 3 days they have been fantastic! Can’t wait for Season 2 of GOT to begin!!
      Also I ordered a wicked Winterfellas Dire Donkey shirt! Also is Carl Drogo Accountant at Law available for hire or short term contract ?

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