Cast of thrones – Book Club: The Hedge Knight

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I can tell by that ravenous look in your eyes that you have sucked all the marrow out of George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones and you need a fix bad. Well, we have just the taste you are looking for! Did you know ol’ R. R. wrote a series of short stories about a hedge knight named Dunk set one hundred years before Game of Thrones? He did and they are great! Pull up your favorite easy chair and listen as we have a book club about the very first one, The Hedge Knight.

Since the show is in-between seasons right now it is a perfect time to tell your friends about our podcast so that they can get even more awesome Game of Thrones content! Nothing passes that wait til winter like listening to Cast of Thrones. It is known.

Thank you again for all of the reviews, emails, tweets and just general awesomeness sent our way. Our robotic hearts run off of your love and you are keeping us alive day by day. We love you.

The coHosts- Nick BristowMichael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DiMauroMike DaoTim LanningJennifer Cheek

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