Cast of Thrones – Episode 10 Valar Morghulis

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With heavy hearts and hearty laughs we honored Game of Thrones’ season finale. Don’t be too sad, there will be much more Cast of Thrones to come during the hiatus. Never fear, loyal Winterfellas, between the seasons it is dark and full of terror but we are here to keep your path lit. Too many things happened in Valar Morghulis to mention here, but it succeeded as both an adaptation from the book and an engaging episode of television.

What’s that I see? A hoard of marauding undead soldiers? NO! It is the wonderful reviews you have heaped upon our undeserving heads. Thank you again for all of your kind words and well wishes. We create this show for you since it would be really weird if we just did it and never released it. But we would have quit a long time ago if not for you, our beautiful fans!

The coHosts- Nick BristowMichael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DiMauroMike DaoTim LanningJennifer Cheek

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  1. Thoughts while listening to the podcast…

    – Tim cast…. make it happen.
    – Tyrion’s Scar was so awesome!
    -good point on the Roz scene… I always roll my eye’s when she shows up. but then roll them back down to see the boobs.
    – Mike D just kind of shows up… kinda weird.
    – hot tub scene happens in kings landing.
    – donkey transition #1 grade = F
    – no new actor on IMDB for Jaqen. But pictures do look very different
    – Faceless Men have no personal names. he is called Jaqen in chapter headings for convenience.
    – donkey transition #2 grade = B-
    – healing BJ’s, yes please
    – Donkey transition #3 grade = A (priest strangling)
    – I totally thought that she was going to magic him out of the choking.
    – Mike D. makes a good point… +1
    – Donkey Transition #4 grade = B
    – no comments on bran scenes….
    – Donkey Transition #5 grade = C
    – I was disappointed by the house of the undying scenes. but it works the same I think.
    -throne room premonition is I think a foreshadow.
    Donkey Transition #6 grade = B
    – nights watch smores must taste awesome.
    – horse was awesome, no shark jumpage…

  2. Great episode as usual – you guys always enlighten me and crack me up in equal measure (well, more of the latter to be entirely honest). Even though I´ve read the books, I loved the House of the Undying scene in the show, particularly the inclusion of Drogo and Rhaego. It was really clear what was going on, whereas if I´m entirely honest I still have no f***ing clue what was happening in the book.

    One more thing – when you refer to the hot tub scene with Brienne and Jaime, do you mean the part where he gets a little, um, pleased to see her? Because I´m pretty sure that happens later, once he´s missing a certain something (nudge nudge).

  3. Great episode to end another great Game of Thrones season! It’s going to be a long time until season 3, and I may just go insane. Luckily, I will have a Cast of Thrones podcast to keep me interested from time to time.

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