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Winterfellas, do we have an exciting announcement for you. We are finally offering up the chance for you to support us through Patreon! You may be asking yourself, “Nick, this sounds like a terrible idea. You chucklef***s don’t need my hard earned dragons.” First off, watch your language this is a family oriented site, second off, we are offering new and exclusive gifts for your support.

Believe it or not, Cast of Thrones is a lot of work to create. Not only is it a big time commitment that weighs on our families, there is a lot of behind the scenes prep work that goes into it. This Patreon is going to make that burden easier, while also giving us the chance to create more fun content.

Using Patreon, we’ll be able to manage our donations and provide you with exclusive bonus content. We already have a couple of extremely awesome bonus episodes from our previous campaign for you, and for the first time ever, we are releasing our show notes. All the “in” jokes that don’t make sense finally will!

There are several tiers for you to choose from. We understand that not everyone has the ability to donate $10 a month, but every little bit helps. And if you can’t donate anything, nothing about the show will change. You’ll still get the same great content you’ve grown to tolerate. In fact, we truly believe the show will be better because of the Patreon campaign.

We can’t thank everyone enough for supporting the show. We started this 5 years ago and its spawned GeeklyInc, Drunks and Dragons and this wonderful community.

Keep riding that donkey…to our Patreon

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