Cast of Thrones – Season 2 GOTYE Awards

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We know what you are thinking, Season 2 is over and there is no Game of Thrones left to be had until next year. Well the cast of Cast of Thrones is here to tell you that you are dead wrong! Not only do we have the GOTYE (Game of Thrones Year Endie) Awards this week, but we have plans for every week of the off season!

Next week you can tune into a brand new Wine Women and Westeros, or even sit in on the recording on Tuesday, June 12 at 7:00 PM Eastern. Also coming in the off season will be the return of the book club. We will be covering Clash of Kings AND The Dunk and Egg trilogy (which is a Game of Thrones thing, we think).

Thank you again for your love and affection turned into tweets and iTunes reviews. It is literally the only thing that keeps us corporeal. Please keep them coming so that we don’t wink out of existence!

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