Cast of Thrones – Season 3 Episode 3 – The Walk of Punishment

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We are back in the saddle, ready to flee with a brand new episode to discuss. This week was of the best episodes of the show so far. We had tons of great comedic moments with Tyrion and the small council, Tyrion and little finger, and lets not forget: Tyrion and Pod! We also take time out of our busy schedules to learn you something about giving birth in the wild, buying soldiers, and when’s the right time to stop pushing your luck.

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  1. Maybe you guys have heard this by now, but I read a theory that Tyrion paid the whores ahead of time and wanted Pod to think they wouldn’t take the payment. That way he’d get a nice ego boost.

    I totally didn’t consider this while watching, but I read it somewhere later, and it seems to make the most sense.

  2. So, I usually love your podcast and you have a lot of fun insights and comments on the episodes, but this time you really missed the mark on a few things.

    – A lot of people seemed to have missed this, but Tyrion totally set the Pod thing up. He has already payed the whores, so that they will lie and say that Pod was amazing and that they do not need payment. This is the real reward for saving his life, not the actual sex. It is, in effect, the reverse to what happened to Tyrion himself when he lost his virginity with Tysha (who he tought loved him, but it turned out was payed). Here, Pod thinks he “converted” whores into loving him, because he is amazing. If you pay attention to Bron and Tyrion’s facial expression and really overacted conversation with Pod, they are clearly in on this whole plan and is pushing Pod along to help his self esteem. This is a story about Tyrion doing the opposite of his father, not a commentary on Pods amazing dong. Indeed, it is also a reference to the small council scene, where Tyrion on purpose selects a seat on the opposite side of the table to his father, signaling that he is in opposition to Tywin. For people that sometimes complain that the show is too unsubtle, this subtle moment seemed to have passed you by.

    – The second thing is about the ages of the children. This has annoyed me for some time. The show is basicly set 2-3 years later than the books, so that everyone is older and the past is further away. This makes all the characters about 2-3 years older than their book counterpart. Sansa at this point is 12-13 in the book, but is 15-16 here. Arya is 10 in the book, and 13 here, and so on. So the references to their book age is not really accurate, and the characters are by necessity different because they are older. I kind of cringe every time you guys reference their age in the podcast, since you tend to not think about this.

    Other than that, there was some other weird comments about what is in the books vs. the show, but you guys are sitll fun to listen too. Keep up the good work.

    • Now that we have seen episode 4, it would seem that Pod really is great at sexing, and we were right about this scene being super dumb.

  3. Having re-watched the episode in light of Tim’s comments, I can’t agree with him that the Morningstar wielder was Theon’s saviour. When the horses come over the hill there are four horses. They are all dark or black in colour. No more than four horses are chasing Theon through the woods. The masked man stops his horse with the others and doesn’t have a cloak when he gets off his horse. When they hold Theon down, two people hold his arms, one strips him and the fourth prepares himself. The cloaked archer fires four arrows, hitting four people. It is certainly edited to indicate that the chief torturer is the Morningstar wielder.

    It doesn’t mean that the archer didn’t arrange the chase.

  4. Ok fact check if you watch season 1 ep 2 like 45 mins in you see a castle wall exactly like the one in this episode. Meaning its def that aria is talking about the time the hound road down to butchers boy. Anyway this was the best episode of all. Loved the pod scene “um pond take a seat and tell us everything” – I was Rollin on the ground.*** Love the shows *** thanks for getting me through my work days.

  5. Cersei is still Cersei Lannister because she didn’t want to submit to Robert because she did not love him and she wants to be queen of the world.

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