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Game of Thrones is gone for another 42 weeks, but fret not dearest winterfella, we are still here for you. Relive season 3 with us as we give out our annual G.O.T.Y.E awards (Game of Thrones Year Endies).

What was the most awkward sex scene? Which dismemberment was the worst? Who was the worst dad? We answer all these questions and more. You’re welcome.

Tune into Cast of Thrones and rip the nob off because we have an entire off season of content planned for you! Want a little taste? Two weeks from now we will doing a Season 3 Spoilercast!

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  1. Hiya!
    I just listened to your awards show and I was laughing all the way through as usual. You make happy happen.
    But, there were two travesties that I have to write you about.
    Tragic is defined as dreadful, calamitous, disastrous, or fatal and tragedy usually deals with the fall of a great person.
    I’m not going to be one of those people that’s all we should use the actual definitions of words, so let’s just talk about which couple has it worse.
    Tyrion has it kinda crappy, but he has more say over his life than most people in Westeros. Shae knows she’s in a relationship with a married man that won’t work and could have taken a huge bag of DIAMONDS to make a move. Sansa has it terrible. But, she is still alive and she gets to marry the nicest Lannister. She could have gotten Tywin, he’s single.
    Robb spent the last moments of his life watching the wife he loved die after she had just gotten stabbed in the BABY about 43 times, while in full view of his mother who was also going to die, knowing that he had failed to avenge his father and that his family and the North would fall to his mortal enemies. Oh, and it was all his fault.

    The other travesty is best butt. Ygritte? Jaimie had the best butt. With a butt like that I would accomplish great things. There should be best male and female butt. Even there Ygritte? No way. All I have to say is:
    Attack! Attack!

  2. I know you said, “We’re not gonna, like, try to shove some content in where there is not”, but what’s the point in having a deep dark nerd hole if there are no precious Cast of Thrones members to fill it in a forceful, yet tender and loving manner?

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