Cast of Thrones Season 4 Episode 1: Two Swords

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And we are back! The new season of Game of Thrones has begun and we get right back into our old groove of donkey jokes and wild tangents. If you’ve been away from the show during the off season, welcome back. In this fine episode we cover the intricacies of making valerian steel swords, what kind of prostitute Shae is, and trouble in incest paradise. If you’re a fan of the spoilers, stick around at the end for some of our thoughts on whats to come on this season of Game of Thrones. If the first episode is any indication, its going to be a good one.

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  1. Hello Cast. I’ve recently discovered your show after searching for podcasts to listen to while I go to and from work. I’m a non-book viewer and I have been looking for a show with some gender diversity and personality/fun. I believe your podcast provides that.

    With this being my first listen I’m unsure if this format is what I should always expect or if this was an outlier. Since I am a non-book reader I am looking for commentary that is through the lens of the HBO series. I guess that’s why I was annoyed at the constant comparison to the book. I understand that at times it’s important to contrast the two – especially during major plot points or when the frame of reference is important to understanding the structure of the TV series – but it seems like everytime you discussed a scene, character arc, conversation, fashion choice, you then immediately compared to the book. It’s a bit tiring to hear every 30 seconds that the book did something slightly different, or majorly different, or exactly the same.

    Which leads me to my next point about spoilers. If I’m hearing “book” every 30 seconds, I feel like I’m hearing the word “spoiler” every 2 minutes. Even if you don’t mention what the spoiler is, by inserting spoiler into a specific segment, you have now inserted an expectation that actually ruins any chance of surprise.

    For instance, when the cast was talking about a scene with Shae and Tyrion, one of the casters says something to the effect of “I didn’t like this scene because…spoiler.” Just because we haven’t read the books doesn’t mean we are stupid. We can put 2 and 2 together, and assume that something major with Shae is going to happen, just because you’re so tight-lipped about her and the scene she had with Tyrion. I don’t want to hear “I’m not going to tell you but man oh man something happens to this person.” That’s a spoiler in itself, since part of the fun is wondering who’s going to be safe or majorly affected in a given season.

    If your podcast is a contrast show, giving equal weight to the TV series and book, then I certainly respect that and I’ll continue looking for a different show that is from the vantage point of the TV series. But if this is supposed to primarily focus on the TV series with the book stuff only briefly mentioned, then my suggestion for us TV-only viewers is a bit more restraint when discussing the episodes. I feel like there is a ton of wonderful things on screen alone that can be discussed without relying on the book to fill in blanks or commentate on what HBO is doing.

    Anyway. Thanks for reading and the entertaining podcast.

  2. Just love this shit. Nothing gets me in the game of thrones groove more than listening to you guys yap about my favorite show while chilling on my boiled leather couch with a bucket of unborn puppies.


    I have a different take on how the show will deal with the Shae issue. I think they will have Cerci and Tywin responsible for her death. They may just skip the testifying at trial and just go straight to trial by combat. Don’t know. But it seems that, like they did with Talisa at the Red Wedding, they may just use Shae’s death to emphasize Tyrian’s loss as opposed to his betrayal. We shall find out soon.

  4. Listened to you guys last year and am excited to be doing so again (I am so going to fail my exams again).

    Can someone tell me where to get that metal rendition of the theme song?

  5. Love the pod cast, it’s my second season. Major thanks for the heads up on the Catch the Thrones mix tape. I LIKE Arya’s prayer as intro music.

  6. You’re weird cross Atlantic verbal meanderings have caught my got attention. I feel we have a shared heritage in degrassi Jnr high. What credance do you give to the theory that Gendry is in fact really the true born son of King Robert and Cersei that Jaime Lanister took care of. We’re meant to think that means killed but he could have given it away for adoption. Mind fuck.

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