Cast of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3: Breaker of Chains

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Hello there, Winterfellas, it’s time to discuss Season 4, Episode 3, “Breaker of Chains”! The format of this week’s episode will be a little different to accommodate an in-depth discussion of the controversial scene that nearly broke the internet (and also Jennifer’s fingers from extreme tweet-yelling). After this very serious discussion, we get right back to our usual antics, i.e. talking about butts and prosthetic genitalia. As always, we include a spoiler section at the end after the music, so stick around if you want to hear a crackpot theory from our very own Michael DiMauro!

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  1. Seven Hells! Had to scroll through about 23 essays defending Jaime’s rape of Cersei. Just came down here to say y’all had a great spoiler section this episode!

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