Cast of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4: Oathkeeper

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Hello Winterfellas! We are treated to some harsh realities on this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. If no one thinks of the little babies in this Gods forsaken world, who will? Both Grey Worm and Missandei tell sad stories about being sad babies. Also, another sad baby gets taken and drafted into a very secretive order. Very exclusive. Very posh. I would say that they were cool. Another harsh reality we learned last night we actually decided to unlearn. So now I don’t remember what it is due to selective memory and light surgery. We mention it on the podcast, I am told, so have no fear.

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  1. Look, i get that it’s a bad thing. That’s why it was put in there. But you’ve gotta stop trying to be the hbo sex-police. If i want to hear thoughtless rhetoric, i can find it literally anywhere else.

  2. Hello All,

    This show was interesting because as Thrifty said it had the first spoilers for Book readers, and I for one am overjoyed. Get ready cuz this may come off as harsh, but I love you guys mucho. You are rushing through the show telling what happened in the scenes, and making brief comments, but you can’t really comment too much because you already read the books and would spoil it. I would love you to be in my seat so badly, where you could speculate freely without future knowledge. I swear that’s so what I want to hear from you, namely what your real emotions and impressions are. However, it seems like all that’s being saved for the spoiler section, and all we’re getting is a play-by-play with some witty comments (very witty though), so that you guys can get to the section that you enjoy, the spoilers.

    Finally, in this show, I got to hear some dismay and shock and the unsure footing of someone who is actually watching the show and being taken by surprise! I know this isn’t something that can be fixed, and there’s no more 5th person to provide an unspoiled perspective, but if I could get you guys to slow down and savor the good show juice, I’d be a happier puppy. It’s tough though, and I understand that.

    Either way you are still my favorite favorite podcast, better than anything on Frogpants or Twitch. I love you all so much, and I hope you can take my comment in stride. Also, I don’t know if there’s really a fix for this. Just wanted you to hear from someone who really wanted to read past the show, but who is saving himself for a marriage with HBO, and wants you to savor the new show juices.

    • I agree they need an unspoiled POV on the show, they always assume non-book readers “must be so confused” as to what’s happening, despite that being the exact case with book readers when they first picked up the novels.

      I loved whenever Dao was able to get two words in during season 1-2 and remind us how a large percentage of the viewers perceived events, without huge amounts or knowledge of things soon to come to pass.

  3. I was just listening to the part about why they don’t show that Jamie is having confused feelings about Breianne more than she is about Jamie. I feel like it is more socially acceptable for a girl to have unrequited love towards a male. It seems like the idea of unrequited love from a male to female is a newer idea, hence the term “Friendzone” (aww poor Jorah :*(. )Plus it was already in her personality to attach herself to unavailable men (King Renley).

  4. You guys teased around it in the episode but I’m wondering if GoT got renewed for two more seasons precisely because the show will wrap up after those two seasons, and we’re going to be hella spoiled for the last two books (or they diverge more than we ever though they would).

  5. Hey, Tim–

    I was rewatching “Oathbreaker” with some friends last night and while semi-zoning out during the end credits, I noted that you’ve apparently been moonlighting as the “Head Greensman” for GoT’s Croatia crew. It’s at roughly the 54:50 mark, at the end of the name list.

  6. Hey guys,
    I know Tim and Jennifer live in Boston so this is close by. At the end of the month in Wilmington, MA, there is Pop Culture Expo. It’s pretty cheap, like 15 dollars a day to get in. But they’re going to have the guy who plays Hodor and the girl who played Ros there. Here’s the link if you’re interesed. Plus it looks like there are a bunch of old school video game contests. I might take my daughter if I don’t have to work.

  7. Hey guys,

    I love you podcast, and I think its pretty great that you all get to share your opinions on what is different from the book and your personal perspectives. However, Its getting a little tiring every time you guys keep touching on a certain subject matter. Its gotten to the point where if I’m watching the show on sunday, I dread listening to the podcast if I see a scene like that, because I know you all are going to spend 5-10 min talking about how wrong it is.

    I can imagine we’re going to see more scenes similar to those, and I really don’t want to sit through that discussion every time it happens. The show itself makes flagrant displays of murder, whoring, and all sorts of sins. Can we just move pass that subject? If its so lazy and non-nonsensical do we need to spend a bunch of time repeating it when you know its going to happen?

    Just my two cents, thanks guys.

  8. I regret that my first comment may seem negative (since I love your podcast), but I’m still troubled that out of all of the horrible things that happen on this fantasy world, S4E3 seems to be the worst to some (based on outrage). This show depicts human beings struggling to do what is best (for them) while doing horrible things. With few exceptions, most characters display good and bad traits. Actually, awful traits. Even our beloved Tyrion exploited woman for much of his life and married a woman against her will, regardless of why. If we pay attention, we’ll notice that the show offends every demographic. Jamie, a war hero, was slapped with his own prosthesis. Dwarfism is mocked constantly. Homosexuals are mocked. Recently a child’s parents were murdered in front of him, to later be eaten. Slavery is portrayed constantly, as is child labor; problems we still deal with. When Theon is tortured, our outrage is that the story isn’t going anywhere; a man is being tortured! Aria is a killer and Dany just crucified prisoners of war; this makes her a war criminal. Are we still their fans? Of course, we’re all expressing our opinions on what “the worst things” are. I’m just concerned that we’ve become desensitized to all these other things (sometimes laughing about them) and are only troubled about one seriously awful, but not singular evil. If we’re offended by one, we should be offended by all. If we opt not to be offended by all, then perhaps, we should prevent these things from taking place in our societies and…enjoy the show! I write with much respect and appreciation for your work!

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