Cast of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6: The Laws of Gods and Men

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“I wish I was the monster you all think I am” is usually the line the Cast of Thrones crew uses when we are kicked out of an all you can eat Chinese buffet, but it is nice to see it to use in our favorite show. Things sure do get tense for ol’ Tyrion but I have a feeling that he will be alright. That wit of his has saved him before!

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  1. Also the website is glitchy when you pause the podcast and resume playing, it will freeze up and I have to refresh and scrub back to where I was. 0 stars 😉

  2. Re: [Redacted] No one remember Checkov’s first necklace from last season? maybes earlier . . . I’m sure they’ll show a flashback to him giving her it when it comes up . . .

  3. While real-life/TV comparisons don’t always work, and Yara’s ship didn’t look particularly shallow beamed, it is a fact that Vikings would drag their ships across land using log rollers, smeared with cod liver oil as a lubricant. In this way they could cross narrow spits of land and shorten journey times. It might be possible to cross to the Trident from the Iron Islands in this fashion. It would involved a lot of dragging, but would avoid having to go around Dorne. It should also be remembered that many months have passed since Yara set out.

    Sadly the rest of the incident doesn’t work. Any self respecting Iron Born would have thrown an axe at unarmored Ramsey. The Iron Born proved to be poor fighters when it came to it.

  4. Hey Guys, i love the podcast but this is the second
    Week in a row I have issues downloading it, it’s way to
    Slow and it only happens with this podcast. Is anyone else having this problem?

  5. Great podcast! Couple thoughts on the trial:
    Two people who should remember which necklace Sansa wore to the wedding are Shae and Sansa’s other maid who reports to the queen; it is their job to obsess over what Sansa wears. Sansa could have told Shae about Dontos giving her the necklace, but even if she didn’t, both maids should have noticed that Sansa suddenly had a new necklace and wore it to the wedding. Since Cersei had access to both maids, she could easily confirm that Sansa wore the necklace at the wedding, and that it wasn’t missing any stones before the wedding. One of the maids should have been used to identify the necklace in the trial, but that matter was so low stakes it probably would have screwed up the trial’s momentum.

    As for Varys’ testimony, he restricted himself to a damning statement Tyrion made in front of the entire small council. He omitted mentioning the wizard-in-a-box conversation where Tyrion asked him for proof that Cersei had ordered the assassination attempt during the Battle of Blackwater, where Tyrion mentioned wanting actual revenge against the people that actually hurt him. Varys also has other dirt on Tyrion. The comment about remembering might have been intended as “I testified the bare minimum against you – I didn’t tell Cersei and Tywin anything they didn’t already know”.

  6. Also the website is glitchy when you pause the podcast and resume playing, it will freeze up and I have to refresh and scrub back to where I was. 0 stars 😉

    this happens to me even when i don’t pause. it will just suddenly freeze and never come back, so i have to restart it and find my spot.

  7. In the book, it is only one chapter where we don’t really know who Reek is. We find out he is Theon by the end of his first chapter. And we get some pretty huge hints early in the chapter. So, it’s not like this long mystery.

  8. This is my favorite podcast on game of thrones. Insightful & entertaining!

    Have you guys noticed the Titan of Bravos has a broken sword, just like Serio in the last image we see of him? Cool touch there.I think he’s still alive, hangin with Elvis and the aliens.

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