Cast of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7: Mockingbird

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Game of thrones mockingbird

Boy howdy do we have a good un for you today. This weeks episode includes some of the most memorable scenes from all of ice and fire. Dany uses her queenly powers to get what she wants, Tyrion has some powerful heart to hearts in the black cells,  and Sansa finds out what happens when a body hits the ground from several hundred feet. This is the feel good episode of the summer, so kick back and enjoy our ramblings.

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  1. Just a quick theory on who The Mountain was “practicing” on in last weeks episode. You guys mentioned the issue with the legal system of people being able to demand trial by combat if they feel they are going to be found guilty. The only time we see these trials in the books or show is trials where highborn lords or knights are the accused. Maybe highborn are permitted to call on a champion to fight for them in trial, but I doubt lowborn would have that luxury. I think that the peasants being slaughtered by The Mountain were perhaps criminals who had demanded trial by combat, without realizing who they were going to be fighting. So peasant, commits crime, brought to trial by the throne, demands trial by combat, is not afforded a champion, provided a weapon for combat (as seen in the show) and is judged by the champion of the crown (Ser Gregor) and executed. Just a theory.

  2. I don’t know about generally, but in this very specific case, Tyrion threatened an entire courtroom of people and said all kinds of nasty things, leaving no sensible choice but for Tywin to put him to death. So, if he had stayed silent and put up with Shae’s slander, he could have spent his days at the Wall. But since he decided to get negative, he basically forfeited his life. Now, if he had just demanded Trail by Combat without the venom, I’m not sure if the Wall would still have been an option. Sadly, Tyrion seems to never waste an opportunity for a good tongue lashing.

    That’s my take on this particular situation.

  3. Loved this show you guys!! Really funny when Tim and Thrifty and Bachman get flustered.

    As per your decision on what to do next week, I bet you already beat me to the punch, but HOW ABOUT SOME ROLEPLAYING FAN FICTION?? Yes!!! You guys could do voices and pick whichever fan fix allowed for so may voices. If another female was required, I bet someone has a friend or a wife or even a wife-friend! Lol, it would be so funny you guys. Pleeeeeeeeaase? Now if I can put my pants back on.

  4. Hilarious podcast you guys. I was driving home while listening to this and nearly peed my pants laughing. Loved the parts with “Casper Van Babetoven” and especially Sansa’s awesome wrestling moves. 😀 Keep up the good work!

    Kelly B.

  5. The Mountain was using people as training objects just as some sword training was done on wooden posts set in the ground. People respond differently and would give you a different training stimulus, dodging, weaving and offer a different resistance than hitting a pole.

    As to the Hound showing Arya where to hit the heart, some people stabbed straight in the chest are protected by their ribcage, the hound was showing her to stick the knife in under the ribs and be sure you get to the heart.

    Or so my 2 cents, awesome podcast guys 🙂

  6. Just re-listening to your commentary on fighting the Mountain, you guys should read Malcom Gladwell’s David and Goliath for a good commentary on fighting very large dudes. Great cast, keep up the good work

  7. This podcast is interesting however the words ‘like’ and ‘literally’ are used too often. Starting at time stamp 33:50 one of the podcasters said like 7 times in 12 seconds. This detracts from the message and the enjoyment of the banter.

  8. “I will be your champion” is to this day, at least for me, the best monologue in the show to date. Casper Van Beethoven is one of Tim’s best all-time goofs. Also, I would pay a significant amount of gold dragons to see Sansa pull a People’s Elbow on Sweetrobbin.

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