Cast of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7: Mockingbird

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Game of thrones mockingbird

Boy howdy do we have a good un for you today. This weeks episode includes some of the most memorable scenes from all of ice and fire. Dany uses her queenly powers to get what she wants, Tyrion has some powerful heart to hearts in the black cells,  and Sansa finds out what happens when a body hits the ground from several hundred feet. This is the feel good episode of the summer, so kick back and enjoy our ramblings.

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  1. “I will be your champion” is to this day, at least for me, the best monologue in the show to date. Casper Van Beethoven is one of Tim’s best all-time goofs. Also, I would pay a significant amount of gold dragons to see Sansa pull a People’s Elbow on Sweetrobbin.

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