Cast of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8: The Mountain and the Viper

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Plese excus any typos as i’m typin this with my eys closed because i can never open them agn after what we just witnessed.

In the most blatant display of, this is F***** HBO yet, we get the most brutal episode of Game of Thrones so far. From killing ladies of the night, to killing snakes in the streets it was an all out battle pushing the limits of what you can legally do on tv.

We do take some time away from the gore to discuss Danny’s latest predicaments, and another sad case of missed connections with Arya. So buckle in Winterfellas, this gets rough.

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  1. On the eyeballs: my daughter and I dissected some eyeballs last week. A cow’s, to be precise, but the biology folks tell me that humans’ are not much different. The whites are surprisingly very tough. If you pushed your thumb in hard enough, you could probably puncture them, but you’re likely to displace them or pop them around a bit before you managed it. Once punctured, they’re likely to then deflate and squish around sideways rather than disappear into dark bloody holes like they did in the show. So a mixed bag of realism, but a full bag of ownage.

  2. My interpretation of the beetle scene was that Tyrion was talking about his father (where Tyrion is the beetles). And he was trying to figure out why his father hates/tries to kill him all the time. It rang true to me when Tyrion sounded so hurt when he asked Jaime “Why would he do that?”. But I will say my favorite interpretation for it has been that they are talking directly about GRRM killing all the characters.

    • It’s obviously a metaphor for the Rollings Stones being better than the Beatles, the Stones crushing them, duh.

  3. Jennifer, I am right with you on the “where are my Greyjoys?!” front. If I don’t get some uncle action next season I’m riding into HBO HQ on my kraken and doing some serious reaping (never sowing).

  4. Great show you guys! Watching this Sunday was such a super exciting! Nice to keep you book readers on your toes, and spinning. Don’t get crushed!!

  5. Listing to the podcast on the mountain and viper, I wanted to throw something out for thought. When you mentioned that the pardon may have been a forgery done by Tywin. Did you notice that the seal was the Hand of the king? We know that neither Ned or Tyrian would of sent it. Had to be Tywin – ever the schemey jerk. Thanks for the vent – can’t wait for next week!

      • I think I found how to prove it was a forgery. One she said that it was signed the year they met- Robert wouldn’t of pardoned him with out some seriously good gossip about her, i.e. she was pregnant, but that would of taken about a year for that information to get back to Kings Landing. One other would be that the messenger boy asked for Ser Barringer by name (for give the spelling its been a long day 🙂 Robert Barathian wouldnt of sent it care of him- he was still in service to him while he was alive…. any way there is my rant. Please let me know what you think.

  6. As much as I like the podcast, it’s becoming the equivalent of for podcasts between “this show is stupid” every few minutes and laundry list of what’s in the book and what isn’t.

    • Hey, you may actually be right. I am just very nervous that they are relying too much on the “Oh Shit” moments and losing sight of making as much sense. But I admit, a lot of my complaints come from being a lover of the books.

      • I understand where you guys come from a lot of times, there are parts of the books that I love which did not make it to show or were not done as good as they could have. But at this point in the series, I think they’ve done enough good work on the show that I’m willing to trust them with a storyline that isn’t 100% from the book until I’m sure they’ve messed up (A good chunck of Dany and John in season 2 for example).

        Also Sansa (alternate bonus custom, Dark Sansa) was so cool that it did not matter if it was a bit on the cheesy side 🙂

  7. Don’t have a twitter account or I’d send a message that way, but some some of the older episodes seem to cut off early. I noticed it in season 2 epsiode 6,8, and 9. But it may be in more, as I haven’t listened beyond that yet. Just wanted to give a heads up!

  8. Hmmm… Sorry, I had to stop listing a few minutes in when I realized it was just going to be a bunch of book purist whining. I love you guys but, man, I don’t find hate-podcast all that interesting when I like the show.

    I’m not saying to change it. You guys are grown ass adults and you can hate what you want.

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