Cast of Thrones Special Interview Edition Teaser

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We are nothing here at the Cast of Thrones podcast if not a bunch of teasers. Check out this quick 1 minute audio file, and get ready to take a cold shower.

Interview Teaser

The interview was just too long to include in our regular episode (about 30 minutes), so we decided to split it off into its own file. If you are subscribed to the podcast, it will show up in your feed at 10PM EST sharp on Sunday June 5. That is immediately after Game of Thrones episode 8 airs on HBO.

If you don’t subscribe to are podcast, well, you are the reason we cry ourselves to sleep every night. We are still desperate for your love though, so there will be a post on this very website with a direct download link, and we will be tweeting and Facebooking and adding it to Friendster and putting it on our Compuserve BBS.

The interviewee has an amazing scene in episode 8, which he talks about quite a bit, so you are going to want to listen! Keep in mind though, you will definitely want to watch episode 8 first so you don’t spoil it for yourself. I’m looking at you U.K. listeners!


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