Cast of Thrones: Wine, Women & Westeros 6!

By Jennifer Cheek on



We took an extended vacation, but the ladies of Wine, Women & Westeros are back to talk about season 6 of Game of Thrones! And also our deepest, darkest, fanfiction secrets and canned wine. We had so much to talk about that we’ll be doing at least one more episode, so stay tuned for Wine, Women & Westeros 6 Part 2: Too Many Queens!

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The coHosts- Nick Bristow, Michael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DiMauro, Tim Lanning, Jennifer Cheek

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  1. this is the best episode of the year. I would totally listen to this conversation as a weekly podcast. the dynamic is so different than when Jennifer is the only woman in the crowd.

    the intellectual discussions here on gender, sexuality, triggers, rape and male violence are awesome. as is the discussion between “reality” and “fantasy.” as someone who was totally finished with the sex-planation and constant sexual violence – I appreciated the depth of the conversation. thank you.

    (iron born call it “reaving” rather than rape in the Danyeras conversation)

    (this podcast should also get sponsorship from an online wine club like brightcellars)

  2. Just thought I’d point out that she has used the word rape a lot in past seasons. You mentioned Tyrion using in regards to Sansa in season 3, but Cersie jokes about it in the Battle of the Blackwater – saying that when Stannis wins all the hens are in for “a bit of rape”.

    Oberon is the most famous example, obviously shouting at the mountain about raping his sister.

    When Jaime and Brienne are captured by Bolton men Jaime tells Brienne that she’d better just let them rape her, and she asks Jaime if he was a woman would he let them. Jaime says he’d rather die.

    So rape is brought up a lot in previous seasons. But you may just be the case that when the show sticks to the books, which is the case in all these instances, the word rape is used. When D&D write, they don’t seem to mention that word much.

  3. I always felt like Sansa doesn’t used the word rape because of the world they live in. In this world for a highborn lady rape would be a dirty word. One would even think that because rape such a normal part of the culture the saying I was raped wouldn’t mean much to anyone anyway. Also in a medieval type situation there is no such thing as spousal rape. When you marry a women you can do literary whatever you want with her. The way I see it in Sansa mind Ramsey did many unspeakable things to her but I’m not sure if she’d call it rape because they were married at the time. She may not have wanted it but to her it was her wifely duty it just happens to have been with a fucked up guy.
    I mean think of Margery and Joffery. Margery knew Joffery was messed up and their marriage would mean she’d have to deal with that which is why they had him killed.

  4. I really enjoyed this conversation. I think hearing the panelists discussing the season of Jessica Jones would also be really interesting.

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