1. Im new to D&D and found your podcast and its been a real fun time following along with you guys. I love the story and the life you give to all your characters. The Podcast has been an great example of what D&D could be and how much fun you can have with friends. Keep up the good work

  2. I love your podcast, but wish you guys played 2nd edition, but still very enjoyable to listen to. This show makes my drive time much better!!

  3. You guys are great, just now found the podcast and it’s super awesome to hear a group with such great chemistry playing a game like this.

  4. I just came across the cast, 3 episodes in and loving it. I started playing D&D back in 1987 and getting ready to start back up with my kids and some old friends. It’s nice to see the game has found it’s second wind. There’s so much creativity in pencil and paper that gets lost with role playing video games. Keep having fun with it and giving me something to listen to while I work.

    PS: Well done on the artwork.

  5. I’ve never played D&D and every episode I keep asking myself “Why am I listening to this?” but I keep listening and I LOVE it.

  6. Just found and devoured your podcast last week. Thank you for reminding me why I loved D&D and desperately need to find another group to play with. I laughed for a good solid 10 minutes when Tum was set up beautifully to attack with a sword and the help of Thom and Junpei yet the little scamp attacked with his dagger. Still gives me a chuckle. Keep up with good work and I’ll keep listening.

  7. Love the podcast, one of the few I have been able to follow from the start. This is what I wait for every week! Any idea about how long this adventure will take to the end; to the end of the podcast? Hopefully never!

    • Hey Beau! This arc will finish up in maybe another couple months, but the campaign could keep going for years. (and years and years and years)

  8. I was invited to join a game several months ago. I created my character and had quite an awesome time dreaming up the back story. However, I quickly became intimidated and never actually played. After listening to this podcast, how could I not join in on the fun. Great job!!! You make my drive home so much better.


  9. I just found this podcast and it’s really funny and I have been wanting to to something like this but never get a party that clicked well like you guys have.

  10. Love this series 😀 I was just wondering what program you are all playing DnD with? you’ve probably mentioned it but i might’ve missed it :p

    • We are using Roll20 add on for google plus. We start a hangout and there is a board and everything. It is pretty great so far. Thanks for listening!

  11. I’m halfway through Episode 2 and can’t wait to catch up. So glad iTunes somehow churned you to the surface. I can’t wait to see if Tum ever gets a shuriken. Or if Junpei or Aludra ever get called by their character’s names.

  12. I came across your podcast by chance and happy I did, it has kept me entertained on the drive to work for the last week. I’ve since shared it with some of my gaming friends. We have always kept a log of our gaming sessions but as much as I hate to say it podcasting beats the written word since it captures the pure enjoyment or role playing. Check out the link, it is a great site with some awesome ideas. This links to our current campaign. http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/dark-sun-spirit-champions

  13. Hey all you Drunkards and Dragons!

    You guys make my inner nerd smile. Keep on keepin on.

    I was wondering what platform you guys use. And how you do what you do. Do you guys skype? google docs? I am interested in possibly starting something with some friends across the country. How should I proceed?

    • I use google docs to keep myself organized, but roll20.net is great for the actual playing of the game. The video in the google hangout version is about 100x better.

  14. Love the podcast. I have found a great way to pass the commute to work. I wish there was a way to set up a group from those of us fans who would like to take up the game again or have never played before.

  15. You guys actually made me and my friends start playing this game! Thanks so much for the funny times. I think that the elf you guys magically found in your dreams is defiantly the best out of all of you, oh and don’t worry guy who said everyone hates him, we all love you.

  16. I’ve never played D&D proper, and I’ve searched through a lot of podcasts of gameplay. So far, you guys and Nerd Poker seem to be the best, in my opinion. Keep it up!

  17. Have you guys considered using Obsidian Portal? (or are you familiar with Obsidian Portal?) Its a wiki-type site built for roleplaying that helps you organize and manage your game. I’ve used it for a few years and am more dependent on it now that my gaming group is spread out around the country and we’re forced to play over google chat. You should check it out, I bet you’d enjoy. Here’s my current campaign: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/occavul/characters

  18. not once have I ever seen anyone do as much good as my good friend Junpei.
    I have seen him wandering town recently with some strange people who look like they might be forcing him to stay with them. It looks like I will have to save him yet again, as I always used to when we were kids. I’ll grab my long bow & be out to see what these guys are up to.
    Don’t worry Junpei, I wont let them do what that Filthy Earth Djinn (teddy) did to you.
    -Chaeren citizen Kashino, Junpei’s Father’s Best Freinds Nephew.

  19. Hell yes! I love you guys. Hilarious show that’s constantly improving. I like the shows that grow with us listeners. Especially a show like this. It really adds a demension of familiarty. Keep it up guys! Victory to all named Dorkblade!

  20. You guys started a hobby for me that got me out of depression. I have listened to your podcast everytime I feel down. It automatically lifts me up again. Continue the campaign, and stay dicey.

  21. “Greeetings adventurers..!” The rich, amber tones of Thrifty’s voice pouring through my ear-buds send shivers down my spine. He is as sensual as the rest of the cast are quick witted and entertaining. The subtle courting of Thom the Dragonborn by Junpei Lori reminds one of their first love, and what it is to let go. Great job creating a truly erotic D&D experience.

  22. I’ve never played D&D, but I love your podcast and now you’ve inspired me to get into this shit.
    Anyways I had an idea… what if you gave each of the characters like a special power relating to their personalities like Thom the Dragonborn could have a power called “Sexual Tyrannosaurus” and it could go something like whenever his HP is below 5% he is sent into a state of hyper arousal and gains a +5 to strength and intimidate rolls, but loses -5 to all intelligence and charisma checks due to raging dragon boner draining blood from your brain.

  23. SPOILER Don’t Read below if you haven’t listened to the May 25, 2013 episode.

    You should have fucking killed Junpei. He’s a worthless character.

  24. Hey guys (and girl),

    Love the podcast. I came across it by chance on iTunes and I think my world is a little less boring because of it. I absolutely love creeping out my coworkers when I laugh out loud and they don’t know why or what I’m listening to. So much fun! I laughed so hard I almost started crying during the episode where Thom’s head started buzzing and he freaked. Keep up the good work guys (and girl)!

    P.S. Aludra is my HERO!!!

  25. I am on episode 6 in 2021 and fucking loving it. Have been seeking a real experience style group that are tight and can dick around. Hope like 400 episodes in down the road that I can return here and tell you what I think.

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