Clash of Kings Book Club: Arya VI – Dany II

By Michael DiMauro on

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Hello dear listeners! Please gather around the warmth of your audio devices as we regale you with tales from both Westeros and Essos! Arya has managed to get herself stuck in a real pickle yet again. Will she be able to control her murder lust long enough to survive in Harrenhal? Will she find a better nickname than Weasel? Dany is having a great bit of luck herself when she finally arrives at Qarth. Being the mother of dragons appears to have its own set of perks, like a giant mansion and large numbers of foreigners almost worshiping you. Plus she finds out that King Robert Baratheon is dead and Westeros is in a giant civil war. This is all great news for our silver-haired, storm-born heroine!

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