Clash of Kings Book Club – Tyrion VIII – Catelyn V

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Prepare yourself, dear listeners, for a slightly different approach to our Clash of Kings Book Club episodes. We felt like drilling down so deeply into each chapter worked really well for the more content-rich chapters, but not so much for the rest. So now we will approach each section as a buzzard approaches a dead raccoon – we will hover over the text and with our beaks and talons, ripping out the juicy morsels. And since the raccoon was outside in the hot sun we will now be touching on spoilers (but only in a specially designated spoiler zone)! So, we hope you enjoy this new format. It should make things both more interesting and easier to follow along with.

The coHosts- Nick BristowMichael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DiMauroMike DaoTim LanningJennifer Cheek

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  1. An entertained and uplifted longtime listener to your excellent and entertaining podcast. You mention the location of Bitterbridge and say it is between Lannisport and Highgarden. That is not quite correct. Bitterbridge lies northeast of Highgarden on the road to Kings Landing on the river Mander. See:

    You also mention the whereabouts of Renly Baratheons dead body. Loras hid it at a secret location so no one would know where it is. You also say that it was Loras who wore Renlys armour at the Battle of the Blackwater. It was his brother Garlan “the Gallant” who wore it. In the books that is.

    In an earlier podcast from last year you mention Lord Edric Dayne and that he was the son of ser Arthur Dayne of the Kingsguard. I forget in exactly which podcast it was in. That is not correct, he is the son of an unnamed Lord Dayne who was the brother to ser Arthur and Ashara. At least I think it was your podcast. It has been a while since I listened to it. If it wasn’t your podcast ignore everything that I wrote about Lord Edric Dayne.

    If you are unsure of something or forget something, look it up at: Be beware of spoilers of all the written books and the currently released teaserchapters of The Winds of Winter on GRRM’s website, currently an Ariannechapter. He has had also read among others a Victarionchapter and a Tyrionchapter at various cons.

    Keep up the good work you have been doing and keep having fun doing it.
    From A Song of Ice and Fire Fan.

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