Cast of Thrones: “Bon(e)”us Episode 8

By Michael DiMauro on

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Hello once again from the Frozen North! Your brave and true of heart hosts decided to meet once again to cast our pods. It was a wonderful episode that quickly became extremely dirty. Oh yes, lines were crossed and we soon realized that we would never be the same again. So pick up your trusty pen and paper and follow along with us as we play: Marry, Fuck, Kill.

The original reason we decided to record was to talk about the Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailers, but we had much more fun playing a game middle schoolers play on road trips. It was very funny and informative. We still found time to talk about the awesome trailers released over the past few months or so.

As always, you guys have been awesome during the show’s hiatus! Because of you we are still being downloaded and reviewed on iTunes. Please continue to spread our message of friendliness and  joy to everyone you know. You are beautiful.

The coHosts- Nick BristowMichael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DimauroMike Dao,Tim LanningJennifer Cheek

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