D&D’s Next Story Arc Announced!

By Tim Lanning on

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Listen, cultists, you have to stop trying to blow up the world with dragons or earthquakes or sentient balls of lightning or whatever. We are just going to grab a group of our four best friends and kick your bottom all up and down the Sword Coast. Now I am hearing that y’all are getting together to wreak elemental based evil across my home turf? Y’all have gone and effed up.

Today we have learned that the next large scale multimedia story for Dungeons and Dragons is Elemental Evil. As in the past large scale multimedia story arcs, Wizards of the Coast is adding an Elemental Evil touch to many of their core D&D products.

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While there are many things to be excited about with this update (board games, more MMO content and minis) I am most looking forward to the Princes of the Apocalypse tabletop adventure which will include more character creation options for D&D 5e as well as a free pdf with new races! WotC has confirmed Genasi, which makes sense due to the elemental theme of this evil arc, but hopefully we will get a completely brand new race that no one has heard of yet. Maybe a … half-man, half… who am I kidding all of those combinations already exist.



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